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This page is for people wishing to volunteer as a foster home with Richardson Humane Society.

 To volunteer to be a foster home, you must be 19 years of age. Please certify your age:

The application form will appear here once you check the box above to confirm your age

Please complete the following information
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Does anyone in the house have allergies?      
Where are your pets kept?
How long will your foster be left at home?
Where will your foster be kept when you are away from home (during the day etc)?
Do you have a pet door?
How will you deal with housetraining and other behavioral issues?
Where will your foster sleep at night?
What type of pets would you like to foster (check all that apply)?            lbs  
Have you ever given up an animal?      
All dogs and cats residing in the foster home must be spayed/neutered, current on age-appropriate vaccinations, including bordetella, and on heartworm preventative. This is to protect the resident pets and the foster pets.
Are all dogs and cats in your home current on vaccinations?
Are all dogs and cats in your home current on heartworm preventative?
What brand(s) of heartworm preventative do you use now or did you use in the past?
Have any pets in your household been diagnosed with the following infectious diseases or conditions?            
Please provide information about all the pets you currently own or have owned within the last five years. Please click the add pet button to add a new section for each pet
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Pet Information Name    Species    Sex    Breed
Length of ownership
Spayed or neutered    why not?
Vet clinic information Clinic Name    Phone Number, if known
Are the vet records under your name?    What name are they under?
Do you own the pet now?    What happened to it?
If a cat, was it declawed?
Was this pet kept primarily indoors or outdoors?
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I have read and agree to abide by the RHS foster agreement
I have read and agree to abide by the RHS code of ethics