Olympe Adoption

Beautiful Pyranees-mix, Olympe, was adopted by her foster, Mark.  When Olympe was taken in by the Vet House, she had a badly damaged hind leg and was in need of urgent care.  Dr. Preiss made the hard decision to amputate the leg and the amazing staff at the Vet House nursed her through her initial recovery.  Mark met her there and it was love at first sight.  After a short fostering stint, they made it permanent today.  Now named Aspen, she moves easily on three legs, sits pretty, and knows how to work a pose for the camera!  She went home with not one, not two but THREE leash/harness sets in different colors, because every girl needs a variety of outfits!  Thanks to the Vet House for rescuing and getting Olympe/Aspen healthy again, and thanks to Mark for a wonderful foster failure job!


Butterscotch Adoption

Sweet Butterscotch (aka “Sashie”) was adopted by a nice couple who wanted a companion for their beloved other dog, Joey, who is 13 years old.  Her new name is Freckles (for obvious reasons!).  Sashie/Freckles was fostered by Nancy and Randy Thomas, and we know it wasn’t easy to let her go, Nancy!


Big Fella Reed-Piper

Many of you remember Big Fella.  He was the first bully breed that I fostered and from then on, loved the bullies.   He was so tiny when we found him weighing only 5 lbs.    We named him “Big Fella” and the vet laughed and said he wasn’t big at all.  I just knew he would be.   A lovely couple adopted Big Fella and they had a young son, Aiden.  Aiden wanted a dog so bad.   He knew it was hard for me to let Big Fella go and he brought me a plant to PetCo when they adopted Big Fella.  Big Fella and Aiden were always together.  A baby came along and Big was so gentle with her as well but Aiden was his buddy and vice versa.

About 3 weeks ago I was contacted and given the shocking news that Big Fella passed away suddenly.  He was playing with Aiden and collapsed.  They rushed him to the ER vet where he collapsed again.  While on the floor waiting for test results, he died.  Results revealed what was apparently a heart defect and it was a heart attack at only 6 years old. I am devastated as is Big Fella’s family and especially Aiden.

They provided Big Fella a wonderful home and he was nothing but loved from beginning to end.  I am so thankful to this family for loving Big Fella and letting me know about losing him so suddenly.   He was truly a gentle giant.

Dana Huffman


Sissy Lou Adoption

Sissy Lou (Lulu), fostered by Sue and Bobby Knight, then by Yvonne Ngo and Johny Prabhakara, was born in a city shelter where she stayed for 5 months; a rough start for sure. When she came into the RHS program, she was timid and skittish. Since then, she has been to training at K9 University where the trainers did a fantastic job with her. Also, interacting with resident dogs in both foster home brought about an amazing, beautiful, playful dog. She found a terrific, fun, and dog-experienced family who will provide the consistency she needs. Special thanks to Johny for going through training sessions with Lulu!

Thanks to everyone who helped and supported Lulu and her foster family!

Lucy Ricardo Adoption


Lucy Ricardo was rescued by Melissa and Cory Haynes, who were volunteering at Dallas Animal Services one Saturday. In the long, long line to surrender dogs was a man carrying this precious little dog. He said her owner left her with him and never returned. According to Melissa and Cory, she was so tiny and scared that “we just couldn’t bear the thought of leaving her at the shelter.” They asked the man if they could take her, and he agreed. RHS brought her into the program, the Haynes family fostered her, and she found an amazing forever home where she will continue to be treated as the princess she is!

Thanks to everyone who helped and supported Lucy and her foster family!

Dory St. John

Dory St. John (adopted in 2006) crossed the bridge this week.  From her adopter, Brittany St. John:

My mom said there were cancer spots on her lungs. She had also diabetes as well as Cushings. 😢 The diabetes she had for the past 3-4 years but was doing well. Over the past year she gradually got worse, very hard and challenging to get her to eat. Yes, I think she was 14. It hit me very hard! I feel so broken-hearted! She was the one who told me I was pregnant with my first born by placing her forehead on my tummy which she had never done before! ❤️ I loved Dory from the moment I saw her picture on Petfinder! I’m going with my mom to pick up her ashes I believe today. 😢 It’s hard but I know she’s better now and chasing squirrels! 🙂

From Martha Denton:  Dory was one of the first dogs Pat Wykes and I pulled from the old Dallas shelter. We pulled her the same day we pulled Lily/Chanel. We had pulled two dogs, but the one in cage number 117 (I later named her Dory after my goddaughter) stood up quietly in the corner of the kennel with her paws on the bars and her eyes following us from cage to cage. I could not get her off my mind, so I told Pat we had to go back and get her.


Button Storch

Button “Butt Butt” Storch
2002 – July 21, 2017
My Foster (approx March/April-Mid May 2005) Adopted May 2005
I proudly admit that Button is the reason I am “a foster failure”.

I hope you are all doing well. I wanted to let you know …Button passed away June 22, 2017. She would have been 16 next year. She was an expert traveler by both car and plane. Born and raised in Texas until she was 9 and lived the rest of her years outside of Los Angeles.

Letting go was a tough decision to make but it was the right one. Over the past year and a half, she lost her sight (one eye had to be removed as her lens detached… and the other almost completely blind), she became deaf…on top of additional health issues going back many years. Yet she set her mind to stay strong and keep going as she was a fighter. The medicines (steroid shots, pills and liquids) helped her, but over time she declined. You could say Button was a “100 year old dog with 15+ lives”.

She survived so much and still wouldn’t give up In the end, I knew she would get only worse and I did not want to see her like that nor let her live miserably. She closed her eyes for the last time with dignity and knowing how much she was loved and cared for. Whatever she needed we gave her and this choice was difficult and heartbreaking but in her best interest. Button surpassed Casey by 4 years and she is now with her soulmate once again. Dottie and Joy Joy gave her kisses and they too feel at peace knowing she is looking down and watching over them.

Rescued by RHS in 2002, she was named “Button” as she was “as cute as a button”. Bob and Pat Wykes provided me with so many of her baby photos when they were her original fosters. I am so grateful for those memories. After being adopted in June 2002, she and her brother were returned after 3 years by her original owners, for a reason I recall that they “wanted to travel”. Their decision was my gain.

RHS thank you for choosing/allowing me to foster Button upon her return…and then shortly after blessing me the gift of adopting her. My family and I loved Button unconditionally and gave her a forever home for 12 years. A piece of my heart is missing but the memories of her will fill it back up. All of my fur-kids have been RHS rescues and I am blessed for having them in my life.

(Pardon all of the photos, so many years of captured moments that I couldn’t decide)

With love, Jackie Storch

Valery Naish

To my friends at RHS that knew me & my little Valery. Valery passed away early Sunday morning  (June 5, 2017) with my son right at her side.  She had fought congestive heart failure for a year. The last couple weeks her eating had slowed down & she wasn’t interested in anything.  I knew it was getting close. I am so thankful she wasn’t in any pain & went calmly to the Rainbow Bridge–with my other fur babies

Mary Naish

Houdini Adoption

Back in August 2016, five kittens were rescued by Heather Scroggin’s mom. All five of these kittens ended up with Stephanie Hickey and I cannot thank her enough for fostering! One of the kittens, Ember, found her forever home earlier this year.

Just this month, two more of these kitties have found their place. 🙂

Houdini can only be described as a lover. Starting off with his siblings, Houdini was always the guy looking for attention from his humans and we’re so glad he found the perfect home to get exactly what he was looking for! The Fisher family begin fostering Houdini in March and I do believe it was love from the very first day (so very evident from any photo we’ve received!). This month, the family made it official and made sure to say that they love Houdini and his name and he’s not going anywhere! Thank you so much to the Fisher family for giving Houdini a home! Houdini was also fostered by Stephanie Hickey then Bill and Karen before making his journey to the Fisher’s.

Staci Adoption

Back in August 2016, five kittens were rescued by Heather Scroggin’s mom. All five of these kittens ended up with Stephanie Hickey and I cannot thank her enough for fostering! One of the kittens, Ember, found her forever home earlier this year.

Just this month, two more of these kitties have found their place. 🙂

Staci captured hearts left and right. Staci was always the shyest of the five kittens, but you’d never know that at events! Staci made sure everyone knew she was there by meowing and looking her best each and every time. Her infamous “meow” photo taken at Hollywood Feed showing off Staci’s sweetness and beautiful eyes is what caught her new mom’s attention. This gal now finds herself absolutely spoiled in a home with a very loving, dedicated couple and an elderly beagle buddy, Malcolm. Staci was camera-shy at the time of adoption and she’s slowly working her way into settling in, but she is reportedly improving every day! She’s now known to be roaming after Malcolm or cuddling with her new parents in bed. Big thanks to Stephanie Hickey, the Pearson family, and Rebecca Reap for fostering Staci and getting her to the home she deserves!