Walter Bentley Adoption

Fun-loving Walter Bentley found his fur-ever home today, just in time for Christmas, and guess who showed up for his adoption?  Santa Claus himself!!

Reverting to his original name, Bentley joins an active family with two kids, Gracie and Brodie, and a sister dog, Sadie, to play with so he’ll have a good life with lots of fun.  His new parents have ordered custom matching gear for Bentley and Sadie so they coordinate when out in public!

Thanks to Kris Keesey and family for another great foster job!

Gypsy Adoption

Gypsy’s story began on the streets during our heavy Spring storms earlier in the year. She had been getting fed as a stray cat when it was discovered that she was pregnant!
Soon after this discovery, Gypsy was captured and taken to the vet, then she went home with Deb for the first time. From here, Deb and Gypsy quickly developed a strong bond.
Be it through her transition into home life, pregnancy, birth, or her hip surgery, Gypsy had strong support and love the whole way through. There were certainly some ups and downs throughout her journey, but Gypsy ended up exactly where she needed to be.

There is an army of people to thank in regards to Gypsy including Deb, Andra, Springhill Vet Clinic, Melanie, Dana, Martha, and everyone else who helped fund Gypsy’s surgery… so THANK YOU!!

Gypsy is a tiny, beautiful girl and she could not have picked a better match for her forever home. 🙂

Pierce Adoption

Adorable long-haired Chihuahua-mix puppy, Pierce, has found his fur-ever home!  He’s so cute that he only made it to one MTP event.  He has a new big sister, a chug named Josey, to teach him the ropes, and hopefully the smile on her face means she’s as excited about the new family member as their human parents are!  🙂  They said they’d been looking for a while to find just the right new addition.

They are undecided as to Pierce’s final name; they want to get to know him and see what really suits his personality.

A stray rescued from the Balch Springs shelter, Pierce was fostered by Christina Davis.  Thanks, Christina!


Ears Adoption

This adoption should come as no surprise to anyone who’s been around RHS for a while – Ears and Denise have finally made it official!  Ears has quite a history with RHS, with the highlight of his story being an escape followed by 9 months of living on the street.  After a chance visit by Erika and Bryan Batzler to the Pet Supplies Plus on Coit (where our old “lost dog” flyer was still posted), we learned that a dog matching Ears’ description had been spotted numerous times in their neighborhood.  A week later, we had him back, healthy and happy (as miraculous as that sounds).  Thanks once more to Erika and Bryan and all their neighbors who kept an eye on our boy and helped us finally get him home again.

Denise, her cat, Bubba, and her other dog, Missy, fostered Ears again after his return, and eventually everyone agreed that they should make Ears a permanent member of their pack.  He went home for good today, looking sharp in a red plaid bow tie collar and matching harness.  Denise said he needed a bow tie because they were getting married.  🙂


Gabe Adoption

Gorgeous puppy, Gabe (whose super power is turning grown women into squealing teenagers just by coming in their vicinity!), is an only dog in his new family’s life and has a young human brother named JD to play with and grow up with.  JD was VERY excited about adopting Gabe; the two of them will keep their parents busy!!  Gabe’s name will be Marvin Gabe; JD insisted their new dog be called Marvin so they tacked it on to his existing name.
Marvin Gabe was fostered by Andie Butler.  Andie made a baby book for Gabe’s new family with all the pictures she’d taken of him during his fostering!  🙂

Derby Adoption

We never dreamed that Derby would get so lucky so fast! A delightful young lady who is a special education teacher came to meet Derby. Not only did she fall in love with Derby, but Derby clearly loves her.  She hopes to take Derby to school to visit the special needs students that she helps.  We could not be happier for Derby.

Derby, smallest of Bubbles’ D Puppy litter, was fostered by David and Caitlyn Banowski, Dr. Erin Preiss and finally by Dana Huffman and Melanie Bullock.

Dez Adoption

Dez was adopted by a young man with two roommates, and they were very excited to bring Dez home. Dez, who was named for Dallas Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant, will NOT  be keeping his name, as his dad is a New England Patriots fan. Dez’s new name is Brady. (Get the connection?) ;0)

Dez was fostered by David and Caitlyn Banowski, then by me, then by Julie Malcom, Jennifer McCormick, and family.


Dak Adoption

Dak made himself at home immediately with his new family, jumping into the chair designated for him and picking up new toys to play with. Dak’s mom is a student, his dad works from home, and they have a roommate, so Dak will rarely be alone. They’ve already sent a photo of Dak out on his first walk along a nearby creek.

Dak, who was named for Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott, will keep his name, as his new dad is a huge Cowboys fan. Dak was an absolute joy and privilege to foster. A smart, affectionate, obedient, and funny puppy with soulful, expressive eyes that alternately melt your heart or make you laugh. He was fostered first by David and Caitlyn Banowski, then by me. He’s going to have a great life with this young family.

Demi Adoption

Demi was adopted by her foster dad, Jeff Kaufman, who picked her out from the litter when they were still small and being fostered by David and Caitlyn Banowski. Jeff and Caitlyn are co-workers, and when Caitlyn mentioned at work that she and David were fostering a litter of Shepherd Rotti mix puppies, Jeff raised a hand to help out.

Demi will keep her name and add a couple of nicknames that Jeff calls her, Peanut and Momo (Japanese for peach). Demi-Peanut-Momo will be an only dog and attend doggie daycare a few times a week. Thanks to David, Caitlyn, and Jeff for giving Demi a great start!