This page provides access to various downloadable materials provided by RHS. Most items are available in both PDF and Microsoft Word form.

Adoption Application Word  PDF
This is the official RHS adoption application. It is also used as the foster care application for those interested in volunteer foster work for RHS. It is best if you fill this out and email this to us prior to coming to an Meet The Pets event. Please see our adoption process for more information
 Code Of Ethics Web Link  
 This is the official RHS Code of Ethics. This code must be agreed to, prior to joining RHS as a volunteer.
 Crate Training Word PDF
 Essential reading for the humane training and consistent wellbeing of your new pet!
 Animal Cruelty Reporting Information Word PDF
 This is a document containing information about what to do if you suspect or have witnessed animal cruelty.
Texas Animal Cruelty Laws Word PDF
 This document is a copy of the current animal cruelty legislation for the state of Texas.
 Lifecare Assurance Program  Word  PDF
The RHS Lifetime Pet Care program is for individuals who would like to ensure that their pet(s) are well taken care of should they become unable to care for them as the result of incapacitating disability or death. This document is an example of our plan. Should you wish to participate, please contact RHS for more information.
Lost and Found Pet Tips Word PDF
This document provides general advice designed to offer assistance in locating a lost pet. Please always call the shelters in your area when you have lost or found a pet. Please see our shelter listing page for information about local shelters. You should also fill out a lost pet report on this site and other rescue sites in your area.
Spay and Neuter Myths Word PDF
Download and distribute this document to dispel some of the common myths which prevent people from doing the right thing for their pets and for the pet overpopulation issue.
Teach Me – Keep Me™ Word PDF
Download this document for information about our Teach Me-Keep Me™ training reimbursement program. RHS adopters, fosters and other pet owners may be eligible for training reimbursement for positive reinforcement method pet training from approved trainers.
Two Week Update Form Word PDF
This is the 2 week update form which is for adopters to use in updating us on the likes, dislikes, status and condition of new RHS pets in their homes.
Cold Weather Pet Care Tips  Word  PDF
This document contains some good information about pet care in cold weather.
Warm Weather Pet Care Tips  Word  PDF
This document contains some good information about caring for your pet in the Texas heat. Warning signs, preventative measures, and first-response treatment advice are all here.
Heartworm Information  Word  PDF
This outstanding document by Wendy C. Brooks, DVM, DABVP is a phenomenal resource for understanding both what heartworms are as well as what is required to treat a heartworm positive animal. RHS treats 20-50 Heartworm positive pets each year. Heartworm disease is 100% preventable. Read this document, then do your part to prevent the senseless spread of this parasite.
Housebreaking Tips  Word  PDF
This document provides tips on housetraining both puppies and older pets who are marking in new territory or submissively urinating.
Six Important Pet Phone Numbers  Word  PDF
This document contains information and toll free numbers that no pet owner should be without.
Dr. Dan Ayeni (the author) is a Veterinarian, educator and author. He has written many articles and ebooks, one of which are “16 most important telephone numbers every pet owner should know”.