Foster Care Agreement

This Foster Care Agreement is entered into between Richardson Humane Society (RHS), a non-profit corporation, and the undersigned (the “Foster” or “you”). In consideration of the mutual promises in this Agreement, and other good and valuable consideration, RHS and Foster agree to the following terms and conditions, intending to be legally bound:

1. The Pet(s). We are delivering Pet(s) to you for temporary boarding and foster care for a period until the Pet(s) are placed in a permanent home [unless the Pet(s) are returned to us earlier as provided in Paragraph 8 below] These Pet(s) are the “property” of RHS.

2. Foster Care. You will provide Foster Care in your home at the address at the end of this Agreement, subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement. Foster Care for Pets will comprise the following:

  • Daily premium pet food and water
  • A clean area for elimination
  • Exercise
  • Basic obedience and crate training for dogs
  • A comfortable, safe place inside your home
  • Administering medicines, as recommend by a vet.
  • Transporting Pets to and from the vet
  • Transporting Pets to and from adoption events
  • Socializing and playing
  • Observing behavior and providing a biography
  • Providing updates via email and/or on-line form weekly or upon request

Pets may not be crated for more than 8 consecutive / 16 total hours per day. The maximum total number of cats and dogs that you may have in your home during the Foster Care period (including the RHS foster Pets) is 10 (exception; litters of kittens or puppies).

3. Adopt-A-Pet. You will transport Pets to and from Adopt-A-Pet (AAP) events, to the best of your ability. It is your responsibility to check the calendar page of the RHS website to obtain information about dates and location of AAPs and to arrange for responsible transport to and from event if you are unable to bring the Pets. Notify the designated RHS contact 24 hours in advance if the Pets will not be at AAP.

4. Veterinary Care. At the first sign of illness in the Pets, you will notify a coordinator at the numbers listed below. They will provide pre-approval of non-emergency or emergency veterinary care. Whenever possible, you will use the assigned veterinarian for the Pets. You will not dispense any medication to the Pets unless advised by an RHS vet or RHS foster coordinator. RHS will purchase and dispense all necessary preventatives (Heartworm and flea/tick). These are not to be purchased at the vet and dispensed to the Pets by the fosters.

5. Vaccinations. RHS represents that, except for puppies and kittens, the Pets are spayed or neutered, and current on age-appropriate vaccinations. RHS requires that fosters’ animals be current on all age-appropriate vaccinations, be spayed/neutered, and current on heartworm preventative. Records will be available for RHS’s inspection if requested.

6. Expenses. RHS will pay all veterinary treatment costs that may be incurred for the Pets during Foster Care; provided that RHS has given you prior approval by e-mail or telephone for such treatments, except in the event of a medical emergency, in which case you will use your best judgment in the matter if a coordinator (listed below) cannot be reached in a timely manner. You will give RHS the receipts from the emergency veterinarian for the veterinary care and medicines.

RHS is temporarily providing you with equipment and supplies for use in providing Foster Care. You will return these items to RHS in good, clean condition (subject to normal wear and tear) at the end of the Foster Care period, or whenever RHS requests them. If the items are lost, stolen, or damaged beyond normal wear and tear as a result of your negligence or misconduct, you will promptly pay RHS the replacement price to purchase new items. You are providing the Foster Care out of your love for pets, and as a volunteer, at no charge to RHS.

7. No Liability. You are not liable to RHS for any injuries to, illness, or disappearance of the Pets arising out of the Foster Care, except if such injuries, illness, or disappearance are caused by or arise out of your gross negligence or intentional misconduct. RHS is not liable for any bodily injury or property damage, losses or injuries whatsoever to you or other persons, or to your or another person’s animals and pets, caused by the actions, behavior or health of the Pets, or arising out of the Foster Care, except if such damage, losses, or injuries are caused by RHS’s gross negligence or intentional misconduct. RHS makes no guarantees regarding the age, nature, temperament, or health of the Pets.

8. Returning Pets. You agree to contact RHS immediately by telephone if you are no longer able or willing to provide Foster Care to any or all of the Pets. You will continue to care for the Pets for a reasonable period until we RHS is able to retrieve the Pets being returned. RHS will notify you when the organization wishes to retrieve any or all of the Pets, whether for adoption into a permanent home or any other reason. You will cooperate with RHS by promptly arranging a mutually satisfactory time to return the Pets. You may not entrust the care of the Pets to any other person or relocate the Pets.

9. Adoption by Foster. If you wish to adopt any or all of the Pets as a household pet(s) for yourself, you must first enter into RHS’s Adoption Agreement.

10. Entire Agreement; Modifications; Binding Effect. This Agreement is the entire Agreement between you and RHS. Any modification to the Agreement must be in writing, signed by both you and RHS. This Agreement binds you and your respective heirs, executors, representatives, successors and assigns.