Volunteer Web Resources

Volunteers website

All RHS volunteers are eligible for an account on our volunteers website. The volunteers website is used to:

  • Submit Foster Reports
  • Register to work Meet The Pets events
  • Coordinate home visits
  • Other administrative tasks

Please click here to access the volunteers website, request an account or reset your password.

For any issues or questions about the volunteers website, please contact the webmaster.

Email lists

RHS runs two email distribution lists for our volunteers.

  1. The ELIST is our general purpose mailing list. All RHS volunteers are encouraged to subscribe to the elist. Any subscriber may send to this list.
  2. The Announce list is a lower volume mailing list that is used for general group announcements. This list is open to non-members to subscribe. Only authorized group members may send traffic to this list.

It is not possible to automatically subscribe to these lists at this time. Please contact the webmaster and indicate your desire to join either list.

Every email sent to the list will contain information on how to unsubscribe. Alternatively you may contact the webmaster with your request.

Website Administration

Please click here for website administration.