Macy Belle Adoption

Black lab Macy Belle was also adopted today, achieving what must be some kind of record for the shortest time ever in the RHS system – 2 1/2 weeks, without ever making it to an MTP event!  Macy’s new family consists of a mom and dad,  two (very tall!) human brothers and a doggy sister, a chocolate lab named Hershey (of course!).

They’d lost their older dog to cancer and were looking for a companion to keep Hershey company.  When they saw Macy Belle’s picture on Facebook, they immediately contacted Kris (Macy’s new Dad used to work with Kris) to arrange a meet-and-greet.  Everything worked perfectly and Macy’s future was set.  They plan to keep the name Macy but probably drop Belle.

Macy Belle came to RHS as an owner surrender.  Caught in a difficult domestic situation, her previous owner needed to rehome her two dogs, so a family member who’d previously adopted from RHS contacted Dana to see if RHS could help.  Thanks to Kris Keesy and family for stepping up and fostering sweet Macy!