Drew Adoption

Boston Terrier mix Drew (now known as Oreo) was a very sick little puppy when he was surrendered to The Vet House by his family. RHS, The Vet House (especially Dr. Preiss, and his foster/vet tech Sina Imrie) nursed him back to health. As Sina cared for him and saw him through parvo treatment, she became attached and decided to adopt him.

Congratulations, Sina, and thanks for taking such good care of this handsome boy!

Delilah Adoption

RHS had a great week for sending our dogs to fur-ever homes. One of the Single Ladies, Delilah, found her destiny Monday night. Delilah was found as a stray in Tarrant County with another RHS rescued dog, Ramona. Eventually she was adopted, but was returned due to her aggression towards another dog in the adoptive home. Immediately, we started her training at the K-9 University to alter such behavior. K-9 University has done a great job and Delilah has mastered the commands like a pro. She has waited patiently for someone to love her and call her own. It is finally paid off. She gets to hang out with 2 human sisters and a kitty named Chloe.

Thank you for everyone who had helped Delilah, especially for Amy Drouillard for transporting Delilah to MTP while she was in boarding; for Dana Huffman for going through training sessions with her and for Kris Keesy, Amy and myself for fostering her. Have a great life, Lilah and you’ll always have a special place in our hearts!


Boomerang Adoption

Senior pets rule, and one of our more mature pups, tiny Yorkie, Boomerang (aka Boomer) found his fur-ever home today!

Boomer’s new parents had been eagerly following his progress and were waiting to meet him at his very first (and, as it turns out, last) MTP event.  He will have a Yorki-poo sister, Annee, to relax with, and his new dad already has a bed set up in his home office for Boomer to nap in while Dad works.   Abandoned at the Dallas Animal Shelter at an advanced age, Boomer was rescued and fostered by Melissa and Cory Haynes.

Riggs Adoption

Senior pets rule, and one of our more mature pups, chocolate-colored poodle, Riggs. found his fur-ever home today!

Riggs will have a brother, Max, and a poodle sister named Lily to keep him company in his new home.  His future name was still undetermined as of this afternoon; Rusty seemed to be the front runner but Latte is also under consideration.  😉  Riggs was fostered by Martha Denton.



Carlie Adoption

Our sweet black-and-white Staffie girl, Carlie, went to her fur-ever home today, decked out in a fancy pink and black ensemble! She has a human brother and a Weimaraner sister named Maggie to play with in her new home, so she’ll have lots of fun.

Rescued from the Balch Springs shelter, Carlie was fostered first by Dawn Ostendorf and then by Julie Malcom and family. Thanks for a great foster job, everyone!


Sissy Lou Adoption

A very special dog, Sissy Lou found a forever home tonight.  Sweet Lou Lou (this is what her foster parents calls her) was borne in the shelter and she had stayed there for 6 months before RHS rescued her.  When she made her MTP debut, she was so skittish that she didn’t want to come out from the crate.  After some training and TLC from the foster homes, she is totally transformed.  Thank you Sue Knight for fostering and giving her a good start.  Two thumbs up to Yvonne and Johny for fostering her and working patiently with her through the training, and special thanks to K9 University for the training that helped Sissy Lou gain the confidence she needed. Always great job from y’all!

5-19-17 Sissy Lou Adoption 2 5-19-17 Sissy Lou Adoption5-19-17 Sissy Lou & Fosters

Princess Peanut Adoption

Cutie-patooty Princess Peanut was adopted this afternoon!  Her new human brother and sister have waited quite a while for a pet; their Dad told them they could have a dog IF they saved their money to pay the adoption fee, and they did!   Her new name is Peanut Butter, which is the nickname given by her fosters.

Thanks to Mel and Dana for rescuing and fostering Peanut!

5-6-17 Princess Peanut Adoption 5-6-17 Princess Peanut Adoption with Melanie 5-6-17 Princess Peanut at Home

Oscar the Cat Adoption

Oscar made it official! He will be staying with his foster, Emily, who says Oscar is her “heart and soul”. 😉

Oscar came to us from Ferris Animal Shelter back in April 2016. He was actually set to go home with Bill and Karen K until he tested positive for FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus) on his first vet visit. As they had Charlie Anderson, who was still a rowdy kitten, they could not take him in. It took a village to get him to a comfy home!

Lucky for Oscar, Emily Jensen stepped in around June 2016. Not only was she not fazed by Oscar’s FIV, but she embraced him and even wrote an awesome, positive message on his foster report to help others understand his FIV. Oscar has since had several trips to Austin to meet Emily’s family (including pet siblings he gets along great with!), a million toys to be spoiled with, and lots of love.

Emily has been an absolute blessing as a foster with RHS and we’re so glad she decided to give Oscar a wonderful, forever home. He is going to have an amazing, happy, healthy life with the Jensen family! 🙂

Congratulations, Emily and Oscar!!

05_01_17 Oscar Adoption 2 05_01_17 Oscar Adoption

Caboodles Lackey

Caboodles Lackey

“The perfect dog you see here, a true friend, and keeper of secrets. Photographs and nose printed windows are memories of good times past. I miss you my friend.”



The photograph was taken on Caboodles’ (formerly Gail) last walk with her dad.  He writes, “She had a great time with the wind blowing on her face and all the spring smells in the air. It was a beautiful day so we went for an very extended walk and just enjoyed the remaining time with her we had left. We were fortunate and knew her time was coming and were able to spend some quality time together.”