Briana Adoption

Our beautiful kitten, Briana, was adopted today! Her new mom had her heart set on a Russian Blue kitty, and as soon as Briana’s picture was posted on our website, she submitted an application. Since Briana wasn’t yet ready, Kristi waited patiently, checking in at regular intervals to keep tabs on the kitten’s progress. As soon as Briana was moved to “available for adoption” status, a home visit was scheduled, everyone was happy, and the adoption was set.

Kristi plans to change Briana’s name but isn’t 100% settled on what to call her; Gracie is under consideration but it may end up be something Russian to go with her breed. Besides her new mom, Briana/Gracie will share her home with a doggy brother named Indy.

Briana and her sister, Bristol, were fostered by Victoria West. Thanks for a great foster job, Victoria; we hope you’ll foster again soon!

Merry & Pippin Double Adoption

Finalized today was the adoption of our last two “Lord of the Rings” kittens, babies of the strong mom Galadriel a.k.a. “Mama G”! These kitties joined RHS back in March and quickly became the talk of the town. Anyone familiar with this batch knows that Lesley did an excellent job socializing this kittens and Merry and Pippin (playfully known as “The Pips”) could not have chosen a better home. They will grow up with lots of toys and Kitty furniture in their very own room, an amazing older (human) sister, two gorgeous dog siblings, and even some fishy friends! Merry and Pippin will also be Lesley’s final fosters.

Tidbit & Tubbs Double Adoption

Our two beautiful, all black cats that were born into RHS by tiny mom, Gypsy, who was adopted by Deb Currier last year were adopted today!  When Deb moved away, Tubbs and Tidbit moved to Janet’s home and Janet fell in love after just 6 short months, adding two more “foster fails” to her small, but full of love, home. The boys get along great with RHS alum Dart (he wasn’t ready to share his face for the camera yesterday) and Janet’s senior pup Sophie.

HUGE thanks to Deb Currier and Andra Evans who originally fostered these boys, and their mom, and gave them such great care and so much love to share as they moved into their forever home!! Tubbs and Tidbit will be Janet’s final fosters. Pictured hiding in the cabinet is Tidbit, who is a little shy around newcomers. Tubbs (with the white whiskers) is all around, though!

Peeps Adoption

Four RHS dogs went home today –  two of them to the same family! Lots of smiles and tears today!

Peeps came to RHS from the Collin County Shelter in February. She was first fostered by Marj Atkinson and family, then moved to my house. I loved every minute of fostering this funny, feisty girl. You’ve got to have a dog who makes you laugh, and that’s Peeps. She was adopted today by a family who adopted from us before. Lauren and Troy adopted Biskit in 2015. They were looking for another companion for their senior Dachshund, Woody, and Pat Rotundo, Biskit’s foster mom, mentioned Peeps. Lauren and Troy fostered her for a short time, and she was a great fit! She will keep her name.

Tilley & Elroy Double Adoption

Four RHS dogs went home today –  two of them to the same family! Lots of smiles and tears today!

Tilley and her puppies Emerson and Kodiak came into our program from the Balch Springs Shelter in March. They were all fostered by Stephanie Hickey and family. When the puppies were weaned, sweet mama Tilley was fostered by Kris Keesy and family. It’s always heartwarming to see our mama dogs and cats adopted before, or soon after, their babies. Kodiak and Emerson are still waiting, but Tilley went to her forever home today. Kris and her family will miss this sweet girl. Her new name will be Skye. The children chose this name from the Paw Patrol cartoon series.

Joining Tilley in her forever home – sweet Elroy!! Fosters Kris Keesy and Purnima Parekh introduced Tilley and Elroy in a park this morning before taking them on the home visit with their potential new family. Shortly before MTP, we got the confirmation that the family wanted to adopt both dogs! Today!

Elroy came into the program in December 2017 from The Balch Springs shelter. Nikhil and Purnima did a wonderful job fostering him, and he was a hard one to let go. ♥️ His new name will be Rubble, also from the Paw Patrol cartoons.


Charlie Brown adoption

Four RHS dogs went home today –  two of them to the same family! Lots of smiles and tears today!

Although he was adopted quickly once he came to RHS –  in fact, he never made it to a single MTP event – it was a long road to a forever home for senior Dachshund/Chihuahua mix Charlie Brown. He had been bounced from shelter to shelter to shelter, finally ending up at Richardson Animal Services. The RAS staff contacted us to see if we would like to bring him into RHS. He immediately found a foster home, who quickly fell in love with him and decided they wanted him to stay for good!
Thank you to Richard and Carol Tool for fostering and adopting good ol’ Charlie Brown! He will keep his name.

Cozette Adoption

Cozette, one of Cozi’s sweet puppies, was adopted!  Thanks to Holly Twitchell and Melanie Bullock for doing the home visit and adoption.

Cozi and her babies were first fostered by Julie Summers, then Cozette was fostered by Melanie Bullock and Dana Huffman.

Cozette loves to play with other dogs, and she will have a blast in her home with two other little dogs to play with!

Thanks to everyone who helped this sweet and popular puppy find her forever home!

Jenny Jo Adoption

Quiet, soft little Jenny Jo (dubbed The Little Dog with Spots by her foster mom) was adopted by a great family with 2 young kids, which is perfect because Jenny adores kids.  Her new family tried temporary fostering to make sure Jenny’s anxiety wouldn’t be overwhelming in a new situation, and she settled right in – taking turns sleeping with the kids at night and playing happily with them during the day.  They’re going to keep her name since she seems to like it.

Rescued from Dallas Animal Services, Jenny Jo was fostered by Terri Hartman and family.  Thanks, Terri; we hope you’ll foster again soon!

Hugo Adoption

Our gorgeous Husky/Shepherd boy, Hugo, found his fur-ever home!   He joins a small family of 2 adults and 3 cats, and his new parents plan to keep his name.  Hugo was more interested in belly rubs than photographs – it took 14 attempts, a squeaky toy and a bag of treats to get one picture of him sitting up and facing the camera!

Rescued from the Balch Springs Shelter, and suffering from heart worms, Hugo was fostered by Gladys Fung; thank you, Gladys, for another great job!!



Cinnamon Adoption

Cinnamon, another of Cozy’s puppies,  decided he was quite happy at his foster home, thank you very much, and made himself a permanent member of the pack!  He adores his big brother, Bear (formerly known as Robbie), and can’t wait for him to come home from training, and he’s excited to have the whole summer ahead of him with his human sister, Zoe.  Since his foster mom named him Cinnamon when he was born, they’re going to keep his name, but he’s also occasionally known as “Cinny-boy.”  🙂

Thanks to Julie Summers for taking in Mama Cozy when she was pulled (heavily pregnant) from the Mesquite Shelter, and for caring for the entire litter until they were weaned – puppy fights and all!  (By the way, be sure to read Julie’s t-shirt in the photos – so appropriate!)