North Texas Giving Day is almost here!!! (September 20)

Thursday is North Texas Giving Day (9/20) and we need everyone to Get Up and Give!  Donations from that day are CRITICAL to continuing RHS’s mission to rescue and rehome pets in need, and every donation that day has the chance to be multiplied (based on donations from major companies around the country).  The more donations we receive, the better our chance to get even more from the foundation.

Please make a donation on September 20th (6am – midnight) at:

Brown bag it for a day or two, skip your special latte, watch Netflicks at home instead of going out – it’s easy to find a few extra bucks to donate.  Everything we raise goes to the animals.  They can’t say thank you, but we can.  So thank you in advance for spreading the word and donating.

Wally Rossato

Wally passed away in April 2018 at the age of 18 after many years of chasing geese & squirrels, adventures, and road trip burgers. We were fortunate that he called us his forever home and he is missed greatly.


Melissa Rossato

Saffron the Cat Adoption

Handsome Siamese kitten, Saffron, was adopted this afternoon! He joins a small family and will have another cat, (Dobby) and a dog named Charlie to play with.  His new mom is undecided as to whether to keep his name or change it; they’d like to get to know him a little before making a final choice.
Saffron came to RHS as an owner surrender and was fostered first by Leasa Isom, then by Melanie Bullock and finally by Victoria West.   Thanks to everyone who cared for this beautiful boy!

Luka Adoption

Affectionate little beagle, Luka, was rescued (along with her sister, Lotus) from a backyard breeder in Oklahoma.  Long-time RHS supporter/volunteer/adopter Ed Spencer found out about the situation and asked RHS to step in.  Ed and Mary adopted one of the male beagles immediately, and females Luka and Lotus were brought into the RHS program.  It certainly didn’t take Luka long – her new dad, Steve, was following her progress and applied as soon as she was ready.
Luka will get all the attention at home as she is her dad’s only pet.  His sister, however, has a dog and two kids (who came to the adoption) who will also be part of Luka’s life.  The adoption was a complete surprise to Steve’s niece and nephew; they only found out on the car ride to get her!  Steve is going to keep her name; he came prepared with a fancy new ID tag for her collar already engraved with “Luka”!
Luka was fostered by Gladys Fung.  Thanks for another great foster job, Gladys!

Bella Darling AKA Possum Simpson

When we first saw “Bella Darling” online  we tried to figure out her story. In our minds she must have belonged to an elderly lady who named her. We could not have been further from the truth.  Our baby girl started her early life in a field eating bugs and acorns. We know that because she continued to do so for many years. After the field she went to Balch Springs Animal Control. While there a wonderful man protected her and loved her. After that she went to live with her foster Moms. When she came to us it was obvious she was a very happy girl who had been shown much love in her short life.

While with us she loved to play hide and seek with her kitties, steal our socks, carry them around the house, and when she was ready she would tuck them under Daddy’s pillow for safe keeping. She was “medically fragile” due to seizures, but they were controlled by medication. In January 2018 she was diagnosed with a heart murmur. It wasn’t too bad but something that we needed to keep an eye on. Unfortunately that turned quickly into congestive heart failure.
Bella provided her human family with years of love and laughter. It was especially hard to be mad at her. If she was naughty we would just say “oh no” and she would fall over on her side and roll to her back so we could rub her belly.

She was truly the best dog we’ve ever had! She had a wonderful personality that brightened our lives so much.  She is so missed. We’re still deep in the pain of our loss but relieved that she is no longer suffering. A huge thank you to those reading this that made a difference in Bella’s life.

Emerson Adoption

Sweet, funny Emerson was adopted today!  He is Tilley’s pup, although at 6 months old, he’s already larger than his mom and sister, Kodiak (who was adopted recently as well) and he’s still growing!  It seems like only yesterday he was a chubby, round little fur-ball, but now he’s a big, handsome boy.
Emerson joins a fun family with two kids to keep him busy and love on him.  He’ll be the only pet so he’ll get lots of attention.  🙂  His new family is leaning towards changing his name, but as of this afternoon they remained undecided as to what they will call him.
Emerson was fostered by Stephanie Hickey and family until he was weaned, at which point he joined Andie Butler’s pack.  Andie made a photo book for Emerson’s new family to take home with them, full of pictures spanning his entire life (all 6 months of it!) so they could see how he’s changed.
Thank you for another great foster job, Andie!  He’s a special boy and we know it was hard to let him go.

Binny & Cowboy Double Adoption

We had another special double adoption today – the last of Cozy’s pups, Binny and Cowboy, decided to stay together as permanent members of their foster pack!  Their foster mom, Amber, said they never intended to keep both pups (since she already has a young dog AND a teenager at home!) but they’re so bonded that she hated to separate them.

Yep, they really are litter mates although they look nothing alike.  Smooth-coated low-rider, Cowboy (now named Daniel) looks a lot like his brother, Cinnamon (adopted by Julie Summers) but Binny is fuzzy-faced and looks like a terrier!

Fostered by Julie Summers until they were weaned, the boys have been with Amber and her family since.

Congratulations for a great foster failure, Amber!

Muffin Adoption

Muffin came to RHS with 6 other kittens back in May 2016 (“Kitten Palooza”), just a little gray puff (pictured in front of the purple wall). That was over two years ago, so you know this girl was picky! She had so many lookers, but she turned them all down because she knew that she had the perfect family waiting for her… and she did!

Victoria Neidell joined us as a foster in early 2017 and starting fostering Muffin later in the year. Anyone that knows Muffin knows it can really take some time for her to warm up and get comfy, but we have picture proof showing she was as happy as a clam in Victoria’s lap the first week she was there! This was truly meant to be and we couldn’t be happier for these two.

Muffin’s new name is now “Finn” and she joins a home with two other rescue kitties, Violet and Ellis. Thank you to Dana Huffman and Melanie Bullock for fostering Finn and giving her such a great start with so much love and Victoria for fostering and adopting this precious girl!

Congratulations to all involved! ♥

Kodiak Adoption

Tilley’s baby girl, Kodiak, made it official today, staying for keeps with foster Meghan McGee!

Meghan has been fostering since she was a little girl with her mom, Stephanie Hickey.
Stephanie and Meghan fostered Tilley, Emerson, and Kodiak until the puppies were weaned.
Kodiak’s brother Emerson and his foster mom Andie stopped by to wish Kodi and Meghan  well! ❤️
Congratulations on giving Kodi a wonderful, loving, forever home, Meghan!