Lottie Mae Adoption

Our cuddly little Chihuahua, Lottie Mae, found her forever home today!

Lottie came to RHS severely overweight and unable to walk properly.  A strict diet and lots of hard work the part of her fosters resulted in a transformation of her physique, but it came to light that much of her difficulty walking was actually due to cerebellar hypoplasia, which is the canine version of cerebral palsy.  Her special needs did not deter her new Mom, Carol, though, and her outgoing personality during the home visit completely won everyone’s heart.

Lottie joins a small family consisting of Carol and two dogs, Noah and Conner.   Carol’s friend/neighbor plans to visit often and bring her own dogs, so Lottie will have plenty of activity to maintain her slim new shape!

It took a village to get Lottie back to a healthy weight; during her time with RHS, she was fostered by Julie Malcolm and family, Kevin Truong, Pat Rotundo, and finally Bob and Pat Wykes.  Thanks for a great job with a special girl, everyone!

Gray Adoption

Pretty little kitten, Gray, was adopted yesterday! Rescued as a newborn and fostered by Julie Malcom and family, Gray will be the only pet in his new family’s life.
We hope to get some photos with his new family later, and we’ll post them at that time.
Congratulations, everyone!

Logan Adoption

Handsome tabby cat, Logan, was adopted today!  Left in a small, rural shelter, Logan won the hearts of the staff with his handsome features and friendly personality.  Although he didn’t get a lot of looks at his first MTP, his fur-ever family wasn’t long in finding their way to him and he was adopted just two weeks later!

He has two human brothers to play with and love on, and his family reports that he has settled into family life quickly and well!

Thanks to Dana Huffman and Melanie Bullock for another great foster job!


Cay Adoption

When Cay was surrendered to RHS, she was matted and suffering from serious dental issues. Thanks to great care by the staff at the Vet House, an adorable little poodle emerged.  It’s hard to believe that is the same dog as in her adoption photo, isn’t it?

Her first MTP event proved to be her last, as she met her new family that very day!

Cay was fostered by Jean Whiting.


Magic Adoption

While we were all out collecting donations for Giving Day, Magic snuck out and found himself a forever home!

His new dad was originally interested in one of our kittens, but met Magic at a Meet the Cats event and was totally smitten once he learned how friendly and sweet this boy is.

Magic will be an only kitty for a while, but his new dad plans to expand the family with more rescue pets down the line. We’re confident that Magic will do well in his new home as he has lots of toys, a bed, and a nice little scratching post, too!

Thank you to Martha Duke for rescuing Magic and also Emily Jenson and the Pearson family for fostering!

Beti Adoption

Adorable little Beti was adopted Saturday!  Her new mom has lots of experience with the breed, and Beti will have a bulldog sister, Helga, to play with (well, probably more like RELAX with – they ARE bulldogs, after all!).  Her new mom purchased matching pink bandannas for the two dogs AND herself, and has a collar on order for Beti to match the one Helga wears, which also matches the bracelet SHE wears!

Thanks to Kris Keesy and family for nursing Beti through some serious health issues and getting her ready for the next stage of her life!