Pixy Adoption

We had one lucky pup find her fur-ever home today – sweet Pixy was adopted!  She joins a small family of mom, daughter and a young granddaughter so she’ll have someone to grow up with.  They’re going to keep her name but change to the more traditional spelling – Pixie.

They came supplied with everything a puppy could need, including a bunch of new squeaky toys (Pixie was super-excited about that!) and a pretty pink-patterned harness set with a bedazzled name tag.  Her family loves pink – yes, the color-coordination in the photo was entirely intentional!  😉

Rescued from the Balch Springs shelter, Pixy/Pixie was fostered by Linda Robinson.  Thanks for another great foster job!

Julee Kugler

Hi, thank you so much for allowing us to adopt 11-year-old Julee in Dec 2010.  Julee lived with us almost seven years.  Due to failing health, we put her to sleep on 30 Sept 2016.  Our other dog, Bailey-Heart, who was Julee’s seeing-eye dog, died unexpectedly and peacefully in her sleep 19 Oct 2017.  Julee brought us a lot of joy.  It was wonderful to see the two dogs together enjoying the patio or the den rug.  Thank you again for coming all the way to Arlington so we could have the joy of Julee in our lives.

Kathy and Lestor Kugler

Lucky Kitty Adoption

Sweet senior Lucky Kitty found his fur-ever home today as well!  He joins a busy family with twin 9-year-olds, 2 dogs and another cat, and the plan is that he will be sleeping in the room with his new human brother while he gets acclimated.  It’s the twins’ birthday as well, so it’s a very exciting weekend all around!

Lucky Kitty and Lady Tinkerbell (the pretty Sheltie who was adopted in December) were left behind when their owner passed away.  RHS volunteer Donna Robinson and a neighbor stepped in to care for them until they could be brought into the RHS program.  Now known as Milo, Lucky was fostered first by Donna and then later by Nancy and Randy Thomas.

Thanks, everyone!

Robbie Adoption

Everyone’s favorite hunk, Robbie, was adopted today!! His foster mom, Julie, decided that Robbie had quickly become a part of the family so they made it permanent. 🙂 Julie said that Robbie (now known as Bear) has taken his role as older brother/peacemaker to the foster pups in the household very seriously; he breaks up sibling fights by gently rolling the pups apart or nabbing one and physically carrying him off. But other than the “no fighting” rule, he’s very tolerant of puppy behavior and does his best to help Julie and Zoe care for everyone.

A rescue from the Balch Springs Shelter, Robbie/Bear was fostered first by the Pearson family, then by Julie Malcolm and her family. When Julie M needed help with transporting Robbie to MTP, Julie S stepped up – and fell in love.

Charlie Bowlin

In 2014 I adopted Sir Chester RHS tag ID 2054—we called him Charlie—he has been a great pet and companion. We walked early every day and he thoroughly enjoyed my 5 grandchildren.

He had a seizure on Easter Sunday morning and couldn’t recover. The vet said all signs indicated a brain tumor.  Needless to say, we were devastated. He was only about 6 years old.

CHARLIE (Sir Chester) was my favorite companion. He loved everyone he met and he loved to walk the neighborhood at least once or twice every day!  He was a bright light, and we really miss him!!!

  • Marsha Bowlin


Rae Adoption

Pretty little Chihuahua Rae became a “foster failure” when she was adopted by her foster mom, Kathleen.  Rescued from the Balch Springs shelter, Rae’s name is now Boo and she has 3 canine siblings to keep her company – and share her mom’s bed every night.

Ben Adoption

This was definitely one of those “oh, color us surprised” adoptions – Ben was adopted by his foster mom, Naomy!  Naomy said that Ben was the easiest dog she’s ever had, and he gets along so well with Izzy and Grant that she just couldn’t let him go.  She nursed him through heartworm and then immediately made him a permanent family member.  He went home decked out in a snazzy red harness vest and bow tie; Naomy’s dogs are always so well-dressed!

Ben was also rescued from the Balch Springs shelter, and was fostered by Carol Ezzell-Keese before moving in with Naomy and Izzy.

Kelsee Adoption

What a wonderful day – three adoptions!!
First up was polka-dotted sweetie, Kelsee (aka Kelsee May Wigglebutt), who becomes the fourth (yep, the FOURTH) RHS dog adopted by her new parents, Randy and Grace Griffith.  She has a new canine brother, Buddy, to keep her company, and Randy’s and Grace’s grandchildren come over frequently so she’ll have kids to romp with.
Rescued from the Balch Springs shelter, Kelsee was fostered by Andie Butler who helped her work through shyness and some food allergies to become the happy, healthy girl who went home today.

Memphis Merriman

It is with a very heavy heart and many tears that I have to say Shadow ‘Stinker-Dink’ (Memphis) crossed the Bridge this morning with the compassionate help of Dr Jan DeWitt.  Shadow had developed congestive heart failure along with some other problems, and her heart was giving out.  It was breathe or eat, and she chose breathing….for a short time.

We adopted Shadow in 2007, and everyone who saw her, loved her.  She was very special and will be missed greatly.

Thank you for allowing us to share her for almost 11 years.

Georgia Merriman