Jingle Adoption


Sweetheart Jingle went to forever home during RHS’s Annual Adopters’ Reunion. She was adopted by our previous adopters, the Morzak family who also adopted Armando (now George) from RHS.  Jingle spent a week with the Morzak family and they fell in love with her.

She will be renamed Chloe. Thanks to Sarah Richardson, and the Bearman and Wykes families for fostering her.

042317 Jingle (right) adoption IMG_0526

Apricot Taffy Adoption

Our energetic girl, Taffy Apricot went home with a nice couple during MTP last Saturday. Initially they came to look at Dalena, but Taffy caught their eyes instead. Taffy will be the only dog and her new name is Millie.

Thanks to the Williams and Hamblin families for fostering her. Her mom has already updated us that she is doing very well at home.

04_22_17 Apricot Taff Adoption 04_22_17 Apricot Taffy with Foster

Rosie Belle Adoption

Well, THAT was fast 🙂 Rosie Belle, who just came into the program in March, was adopted into a very special family tonight. Her new name is Mia.

Mike and Sheryl Mann have three other dachshunds that they adopted from RHS – Maggie (formerly Miss June), fostered by Martha Denton, Leslie, fostered by Chris McIntosh, and Stella (formerly Lil Bit o Love), fostered by Gail Teel). Also a couple of adorable chihuahuas, Millie and Milo.

Rosie hardly stopped playing long enough to tell her foster, Martha Denton, goodbye. 🙂

Thanks to The Vet House, Main Street Vet in Flower Mound, Bob and Pat Wykes, and Pat Rotundo with their help with Rosie!

042017_Rosie Belle (2nd from right) adoption 042017_Rosie Belle and foster

Big Girl Adoption

We had an extremely special adoption – Big Girl, who was rescued by Dana Huffman from a rural highway in the fall of 2015. Big Girl was fostered at Pooch Hotel, then boarded at Velvet Snout. Although she never had a foster HOME during her time with RHS, Big Girl had a team of volunteers who loved and cared for her. Dana took her on getaways to her office for the day where she spent time lounging on the couch and plotting ways to be adopted :). Others picked her up, took her on adventures, walks, and baths, and transported her to and from MTP events.

From Dana – In October 2015 I exited the hwy 77 overpass off I35 in Waxahachie. I immediately saw a dog running in the middle of the lane of traffic. I pulled over, opened the door and honked so she would look at me. It was an underweight dilute brindle female pitbull that clearly had had many puppies. She was afraid. I said “Please come here, Big Girl” because she was indeed a big girl. She immediately ran to me and hopped In the car. I was headed to court, so I called animal control. They came to the court and picked her up. I told them if no one comes for her in 72 hours, I’m coming back to get her. No one called looking for her so I picked her up.

I took her to the vet and she was a mess. Heartworm positive, parasites, underweight, not spayed, and limping. Generous donors sponsored her care, but she needed a rescue to help find her a home. It turned out that while Big Girl absolutely LOVES people, she was not too keen on other dogs. RHS stepped up to help Big Girl. This was huge because it would be difficult to find a foster home and a permanent home for a large-breed dog that had to be an only dog.

For the next 560 days Big Girl had a network of help. Pooch Hotel and The Velvet Snout where she was boarded. Volunteers that transported her to and from adoption events. Volunteers that picked her up for a ride, walk, bath, or visit to Starbucks. Volunteers that made flyers to get the word out. So many people followed, helped, and prayed for Big Girl. Some people wanted her, but it just didn’t fit their life or hers. She had glamour photos, pictures in Christmas outfits, Easter bunny ears, in St. Patrick’s gear, 4th of July hat, Halloween costumes, “Single Lady” bling, and more.

I frequently took Big Girl to work with me to give her an outing. It was there that she first met a client of mine. They came to visit her the Lazy Dog MTP/Fundraising event and loved her. After almost two years the wait is over! Big Girl has a forever home!

Thank you to RHS for helping a dog they knew could be long term. To everyone that has sent good thoughts, inquired, donated, and prayed for Big Girl. To the RHS volunteers and others that did a little more for her: Pat Rotundo, Jenny Kraus, Holly Twitchell, Amy Drouillard, and to the staff of Pooch Hotel, and to Justine Stewart and the staff at The Velvet Snout. Thank you to EVERYONE who helped her.

I will always love this big girl. – Dana

041517_BG sluuuuuuuuuuuurp 041517_Big Girl adoption 041517_Big Girl and Dana IMG_0461 041517_Big Girl and friends

Olaf Adoption

Olaf was one of our 2014 “Frozen” theme pups. He was originally fostered at Pooch Hotel and adopted in 2015, but circumstances brought him back to RHS in early 2017. Olaf was fostered by Martha Denton, Lauren McClain, and finally by Kevin Truong. Olaf was adopted today by a very sweet and excited family. He is their first dog as a family.

041517_Olaf adoption 041517_Olaf with foster Kevin

Biscuit Adoption

Biscuit, part of the Treasured Ten litter who was fostered by Sina Imrie, was adopted by a family who originally met her at The Vet House, where they were clients and where Sina works. They were VERY excited to take Biscuit home. She will be an only dog. Thanks for fostering her, Sina!

041517_Biscuit adoption

Buford Adoption

Buford, one of Rose’s nine puppies, was adopted by his sweet foster family. He joins dad Wyatt, mom Liz, human brothers Logan and Pierce, along with boxer sister Sadie. Beautiful, busy, happy family! Logan said he just had to adopt Buford because, he just really really likes that dog. 🙂

041517_Buford adoption

Rose Adoption

We had another big day of adoptions with the last three of our nine boxer mix puppies, their mama Rose, a “Frozen” theme pup, and a beloved long-timer finding their forever homes!

“Mama” Rose, mother of our nine precious boxer mix puppies, was adopted by her foster mom, Andie Butler. Rose gave birth to nine beautiful puppies and kept them safe, healthy, and clean for weeks on her own until they were found and rescued near an abandoned house in Balch Springs. Andie helped get Rose back to a healthy weight after nursing her babies and then saw her through heartworm treatment. Thanks, Andie, for making it permanent and giving Rose (now known as Chloe) a great forever home. Chloe joins senior brother and sister Jake and Bailee.

041517_Rose adoption

Tesla Adoption

Another kitty found their furever home!

Tesla came in with Aja back in August 2015, and these two girls toughed out being two of the only kitties with RHS for a long time! Aja found her sweet spot with a lovely woman last year and we’ve had quite a few adventures with Tesla since! I can tell you she’s never really shown a liking for anyone at events and she made that known! Well, we all know it’s just because she loves it right where she’s at… Home with Nancy and Randy, plenty of siblings (including our very own, Pixie!), and lots of foster love to go around!

I asked Nancy when she brought Tesla home to foster and she sent back this adorable message below. Congratulations, Thomas family!…

“Tesla came to us in August 2015, we found her between our fence & our neighbors, a tiny sweetheart that soon took over our hearts…well mine anyway. She’s be described as brat, she has to be in the middle of everything. She wakes me every morning without fail between 5-7am, even when I have explained to her that on Sat & Sun we can sleep in, but booboo. She brings joy to our household and manages to be a brat each & every day in some way.

I couldn’t imagine not having her in my life, despite her brattyness I love her dearly. I promise to give her a good home and continue searching her soul for the princess I know she has buried deep down…hahahahaha!!”

Two pictures attached are from Tesla’s adoption. We tried to see if she’d be willing to come out, but she was happy just with a look around. :’)  The kitten pictures are Tesla as well! She’s not that small anymore, but it’s no wonder they fell in love with such a cute little gal they’ve watched grow up into a beautiful adult kitty. 🙂

Tesla Adoption 4-9-17 Tesla and Foster-Adopter Nancy Tesla as a kitten Tesla