Recently Adopted

The following pets have recently been adopted from Richardson Humane Society.

Clementine is a Female 29 pound Australian Cattle Dog/Blue Heeler Mix Young Adult 7/5/2017 RHS Tag #2473
Adoption Pending
Drogon is a Male 2.9 pound Domestic Short Hair Kitten 03.11.2019 RHS Tag #2482
Adoption Pending
Joplin is a Female 22 pound Labrador Retriever Mix Puppy 12/14/18 RHS Tag #2475
Adoption Scheduled
Reese Espieces
Reese Espieces is a Male 52 pound Golden Retriever / Boxer Mix Puppy 09.23.18 RHS Tag #2474
Adoption Pending
Sailor Rob
Sailor Rob is a Male 55 pound Great Pyrenees approximately 12.07.2018 years of age RHS Tag #2484
Adoption Pending
Sir Sterling
Sir Sterling is a Male 2 lbs pound Russian Blue approximately 05.01.2019 years of age RHS Tag #2486
Adoption Pending