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Ruthie Adoption

Little Ruthie was adopted by a nice man with two teenage daughters.  Ruthie was one of the hardest pups for her foster mom, Leason Isom, to ever let go.  But she will have a wonderful life with a new family.

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Katy Bug Adoption

A very lucky girl, Katy Bug went to forever home tonight. She will be spoiled rotten as she is the only pet at home. Her 3 human brothers & sister adore her and they went home with lots of toys and treats. Thank you to Jean Whiting for...

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Angel Adoption

Congratulations to Bob and Pat for the newest addition to their family!  Angel, an adorable 4-pound chihuahua, recently released to RHS by a family who could no longer care for her, joined the Wykes family on Wednesday.  What a lucky girl!

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Destiny Adoption

Beautiful Destiny (now known as Stella) was adopted yesterday by the Moses family, who fostered her for several weeks before adopting her. She and the family’s Great Pyrenees Kirby are already great friends! Thanks to Dana Huffman for...

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Lady Bug Adoption

Cute Lady Bug was adopted by a very sweet family today at Pooch Hotel.  She will have a senior beagle to “show her the ropes” and an adorable big brother and sister to grow up with.  Thank you to the staff of Pooch Hotel for taking...

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