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North Texas Giving Day is almost here!!! (September 20)

Thursday is North Texas Giving Day (9/20) and we need everyone to Get Up and Give!  Donations from that day are CRITICAL to continuing RHS’s mission to rescue and rehome pets in need, and every donation that day has the chance to be multiplied (based on donations from major companies around the country).  The more donations we receive, the better our chance to get even more from the foundation.

Please make a donation on September 20th (6am – midnight) at:

Brown bag it for a day or two, skip your special latte, watch Netflicks at home instead of going out – it’s easy to find a few extra bucks to donate.  Everything we raise goes to the animals.  They can’t say thank you, but we can.  So thank you in advance for spreading the word and donating.

Fundraiser for Athena’s Training

Our beautiful new pup, Athena (fostered by Yvonne Ngo and Johny Prabhakara), is having trouble with crate training and we believe some professional assistance will be required to help her. Our wonderful friends at K-9 University will do all they can to help Athena be the best dog ever, but even with the discount they offer RHS, training is expensive. If you have a little holiday cheer left over, please consider making a donation to her Go Fund Me campaign (the link is below) to help defray the costs. Deductions are tax deductible and greatly appreciated!

Chocolate (lab) kisses from,
Athena and RHS