Tinker Toy Drake

We said goodbye to our sweet baby angel Tinker Toy today. He was 14, in failing health, and had stopped eating. I rescued Tinker Toy when he was 1. He went through two painful back surgeries, blown disks in his neck, chronic teeth issues, weekly allergy shots, heartworm treatment (before I got him), and many other illnesses throughout his life. But, he kept going. He was strong as hell. He was the most spunky, opinionated, sassy dachshund on the face of the planet. He was THE definitive weiner dog, and he and Jax were best buddies. They would lay together for hours in the sun. When Jax left us, Tinker Toy was so sad for months. But, we brought Jonah home, and he enjoyed the last 3 years of his life with another doxie friend. Tinker Toy will be buried this weekend next to my other baby angel doxie Jax, side-by-side, at my parents house in Lake Charles. Brian has spoken to me a lot today about how these dogs made me better. And he’s right. They made me grow up. They made me be responsible for someone other than myself, and learn patience and tolerance. I will always miss you, Tinker Toy Boy. You will be our hearts forever. Now you and Jax are together again.
Tinker Toy Drake

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