Bailee Adoption

When Dena Chappell decided that she might like to foster and place the tiny puppy she had rescued from a cold, icy parking lot a few months earlier, she turned to her friend Cynthia, a prior RHS adopter for advice. Cynthia, who had adopted Gladys Fung’s foster Mercedes, referred Dena to RHS. Dena was familiar with RHS, having attended a few adopters reunions with Cynthia and family. During the time Dena fostered Bailee, she had moments when she considered keeping her – as we all do at times – but then she met the amazing family who would give Bailee her forever home. Thank you for saving a life, Dena, and for entrusting Bailee to RHS. You did a GREAT job, and she found a fun, sweet, and fabulous forever home. Congratulations to all!
Bailee 2014

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