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Birdie Mae Adoption

The second of our Golf Puppies went home today!  Sweet Birdie Mae (aka Jazzy Bird) was adopted by a nice couple with an adult son; they have no other pets so she’s certain to be as spoiled as she deserves.  🙂  Now named Belle, she went home decked out in pink and green gear and a warm, pink coat.

Fostered by Andie Butler, Birdie Mae was rescued from the Red Oaks shelter where she was taken in as a stray with her brothers, Ace and Caddie.

Thanks to Andie (and her patient pack of resident dogs) for another great fostering job!

Tyndall Adoption

We had a special Sunday adoption today – our beautiful blue-eyed girl, Tyndall, found her fur-ever home just in time for the holidays!

Tyndall joins an active family with two teenage human brothers and a friendly little canine sister named Mia.  Her new parents are undecided whether they’ll keep or change Tyndall’s name; they’ll wait and see how everyone feels as they get to know each other.

A rescue from the Balch Springs shelter, Tyndall was fostered by Kris Keesy and family.   Thank you, Kris, Katy Rose and Rob for another great foster job!


Caddy Adoption

The first of our Golf Puppies went to forever home today!

The Golf Puppies, Ace, Birdie May & Caddy came to RHS in Oct with demodex condition.  Fosters for Ace & Birdie were quickly secured, but we were not able to find a foster for Caddy.  There was no way RHS would leave Caddy behind.  Thanks to Dr Priess for stepping up in time so that the Golf Puppies could take the freedom ride together.  Even better news, after few weeks of fostering, Dr Priess decided Caddy is there to stay.  She officially adopted Caddy today and renamed him Dex for obvious reason.  Thanks to Dr Priess for fostering and adopting Caddy (Dex).  What a happy ending!

Jimmy Adoption

Our quiet little terrier mix, Jimmy, was adopted today!  Jimmy’s paperwork listed him at 2 – 3 years old, but the vet believes he’s actually older – around 8 years old. That didn’t deter his new mom and dad; they wanted him and didn’t care how old he might be. Mrs. Brooks says that, after teaching middle school, nothing scares her! 🙂 He was adopted by a retired couple so they’ll be home with him all the time to snuggle with. They plan to keep Jimmy’s name.

Another rescue from the Balch Springs shelter, Jimmy was fostered first by Lisa Schorfheide and then by Purnima and Nikhil Parakh.


Marlo Adoption

Sweet puppy Marlo was adopted today!  She was adopted by a young man with no pets or children, so she’ll get all the love and attention she deserves and she grows up.  Her new dad, Cody, wasn’t entirely sure if he would keep her name or change it; he’ll wait and see how things play out as they learn about each other.

Marlo, along with her brindled sister, Rosie, were rescued from the Balch Springs shelter and fostered by Brooke and Colton Stubblefield.

Maximus Adoption

Our sweet senior citizen, 16 years strong Maximus was adopted Wednesday.

Maximus came to RHS in 2016 because his human was no longer was able to give him the care he needed.

Thank you to Heather Scroggins and Elizabeth Wood and her two daughters for fostering sweet Maximus.

His new mom Andrea Harris doesn’t have any other fur babies so they will have fun hanging out together as he gets all of her attention and love!

Congratulations, Maximus and Andrea!! 😻

Mitchie adoption

A friend of Richardson Humane Society intercepted Mitchie on a cold day in January of this year when his previous owner was giving him away at a garage sale. 😢 She brought him to RHS. His adorable and playful personality soon came out, and he was a fun dog to foster!

Mitchie was fostered by Martha Denton, Ed and Mary Spencer, and finally Dawn and Ben Bolton, who fell in love with the little guy and couldn’t part with him. He will keep his name.

Dusty Storm adoption

Dusty Storm just came to RHS in August when our friend Ashley Johnson, who works at Hollywood Feed Cityline, asked if she could foster him. Dusty had followed one of Ashley’s roommates home, and it was immediately obvious that he had a super affectionate and loving personality.

His sweet new mom and dad live close to Hollywood Feed so Ashley will get to see Dusty again. He will keep his name.

Izzy Adoption

Izzy came to RHS from the Sachse Shelter in October 2017. She was adopted a couple of months later but returned in July 2018 when her adopter could no longer care for her.

Izzy’s new mom and her family walked into Hollywood Feed last weekend on a whim, without a particular dog in mind, and fell in love with Izzy at first sight. Who wouldn’t! ☺️ Seemed Izzy felt the same way right away.

During her time with RHS, Izzy was loved and fostered by many volunteers, including Sue and Bobby Knight, Martha Denton, Courtney Lyle, Christi Wolverton, and Linda Robinson.  Izzy’s new name will be Lizzie.

Peanut Butter adoption

Peanut Butter came to RHS from the Mesquite Shelter in July. She was emaciated and scared, but regained her health and confidence, thanks to lots of tender loving care from Johny Prabhakara and Yvonne Ngo and Jenny and Chase Kraus-Corker.

Peanut’s terrific new family lives close to Johny and Yvonne so she will get to see her foster mom and dad again. Some of our “Peanut Butter Fan Club” showed up for her adoption, and her family was very touched by all the support and affection for Peanut Butter. She will keep her name.