Happy Beginnings

Emerson Adoption

Sweet, funny Emerson was adopted today!  He is Tilley’s pup, although at 6 months old, he’s already larger than his mom and sister, Kodiak (who was adopted recently as well) and he’s still growing!  It seems like only yesterday...

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Muffin Adoption

Muffin came to RHS with 6 other kittens back in May 2016 (“Kitten Palooza”), just a little gray puff (pictured in front of the purple wall). That was over two years ago, so you know this girl was picky! She had so many lookers, but...

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Kodiak Adoption

Tilley’s baby girl, Kodiak, made it official today, staying for keeps with foster Meghan McGee! Meghan has been fostering since she was a little girl with her mom, Stephanie Hickey. Stephanie and Meghan fostered Tilley, Emerson, and Kodiak...

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Chewbacca Adoption

Senior Brussels Griffon Chewbacca went home with his two new dads Saturday afternoon. He also has a live-in uncle, so he will spend very little time alone. The family is also interested in fostering! Chewbacca came to RHS from the Richardson...

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Dolly Adoption

Today we had a special adoption.  I say it’s special not because it’s my foster (although, let’s be honest, it may play a tiny role) but because she had very special needs that caused us to worry she may not find her forever home, or at least not...

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Bristol Adoption

Bristol was rescued by a Good Samaritan in a park along with her sister Briana and fostered by Victoria West . Bristol decided that there was no place like home and chose to stay with Victoria forever. I had the pleasure of meeting and holding...

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Briana Adoption

Our beautiful kitten, Briana, was adopted today! Her new mom had her heart set on a Russian Blue kitty, and as soon as Briana’s picture was posted on our website, she submitted an application. Since Briana wasn’t yet ready, Kristi...

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Tidbit & Tubbs Double Adoption

Our two beautiful, all black cats that were born into RHS by tiny mom, Gypsy, who was adopted by Deb Currier last year were adopted today!  When Deb moved away, Tubbs and Tidbit moved to Janet’s home and Janet fell in love after just 6...

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Peeps Adoption

Four RHS dogs went home today –  two of them to the same family! Lots of smiles and tears today! Peeps came to RHS from the Collin County Shelter in February. She was first fostered by Marj Atkinson and family, then moved to my house. I...

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Tilley & Elroy Double Adoption

Four RHS dogs went home today –  two of them to the same family! Lots of smiles and tears today! Tilley and her puppies Emerson and Kodiak came into our program from the Balch Springs Shelter in March. They were all fostered by Stephanie...

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