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Tiny Adoption

Today Tiny (new name Toy the cat) was adopted by his foster parents Nancy and Randy Thomas. After 3 years they decided to make him an official family member!

Toy aka Tiny was rescued from the Balch Springs Animal Shelter when he was a tiny kitten hence the name Tiny!

Congratulations Nancy, Randy, and Toy!! 😻

Maizy Adoption

Today we had our first ever adoption AT an adoption reunion picnic (making it a shoo-in for the Most Recent Adoption trophy)!  Maizy was adopted by the Cook family who adopted puggle, Moose, several years ago from RHS.  After Moose lost a short battle with cancer, the Cooks came back to RHS and fostered Reese Espieces.  While attending an MTP with Reese, Mary and Anna met Maizy and fell in love.  They took the opportunity to interact with Maizy some more while taking Reese to day care at Velvet Snout and decided to make Maizy a part of their family.  They will keep her name; Mary feels that it suits Maizy and she responds well to it, so why change a good thing?

A rescue from the Balch Springs Shelter, Maizy spent most of her time with RHS boarded at the Velvet Snout.  Thanks to Dana Huffman for rescuing her, to the great staff at VS for caring for her and to everyone who busted her out for breaks, walks and rides to MTP!


Raymie Adoption

On Saturday, tuxedo kitty, Raymie, found her fur-ever home.  Raymie, now named Lena, has a new mama and a feline sibling named Happy, and will live in a house with a special “cat room” that is lavishly decorated to go with the changing seasons!

Raymie, along with her litter mates Briar Rose and Ryder, was fostered by the Pearson family.  Thanks to Misty, John and the kids for another great foster job!!

Archie Andrews Adoption

Happy Tuesday, everyone!  We had a special midweek adoption today for our shy golden boy, Archie Andrews!  Archie now has 2 dads with lots of dog experience who will love and guide him as he grows into a confident, handsome adult.  He will be the only pet at home for now (the other dog in the photo is his foster sister, Lucy, who came along to keep Archie company in the car), and his new family plans to keep the name Archie.

A rescue from the Balch Springs Shelter, Archie was fostered by Kris Keesy and family.  Thanks for another stellar foster job, Kris!

Galadriel (Mama G) Adoption

After 11 months, Mama G finally found her forever home. She will be queen bee and have complete run of the house and her new mommy all to herself. I will miss her terribly but she deserves her own home. Thank you to Lesley Morgan for fostering her until the kittens were weaned. She named her Galadriel but I could never remember that, so I called her Mama G and it stuck. Happy life Mama G 💖

Cheyenne Adoption

We had a special Sunday afternoon adoption today for sweet puppy, Cheyenne!  She has a new sister that many of you will remember – Andie’s foster, Rumer (now known as Sophie), who was adopted almost exactly one year ago today.

Sophie’s dads recently lost their other dog to illness and they were worried that Sophie would be lonely.  So they started looking for a friend for her; Cheyenne caught their eye and they put in an application.  The two girls met this afternoon and they happily played and played and played until they were both worn out; since they got along so well right from the start, it was decided to make it official then and there.

Cheyenne’s new dads haven’t quite had time to determine if they’ll keep her name or change it; they’ll see how things go once everyone settles in.

Found as a stray and surrendered to Vet House, Cheyenne was fostered by Brooke and Colton Stubblefield.

Thanks for another amazing foster job, Brooke, and thanks to Andie for going on the home visit and pinch-hitting with the paperwork!

Senor Fluffypants Adoption

Senor Fluffypants was adopted tonight at the home of his new mom and dad. He will be getting all the love and attention being the only pet for now and they are keeping his adorable name!!
Senor Fluffypants and his mama (Mama Cocoa) were rescued off the streets by a friend of Dana Huffman. A big  thank you to Victoria Neidell for stepping up and fostering the two of them.
Congratulations, Victoria and new mom and dad, Thea and Alec.

Macy Belle Adoption

Black lab Macy Belle was also adopted today, achieving what must be some kind of record for the shortest time ever in the RHS system – 2 1/2 weeks, without ever making it to an MTP event!  Macy’s new family consists of a mom and dad,  two (very tall!) human brothers and a doggy sister, a chocolate lab named Hershey (of course!).

They’d lost their older dog to cancer and were looking for a companion to keep Hershey company.  When they saw Macy Belle’s picture on Facebook, they immediately contacted Kris (Macy’s new Dad used to work with Kris) to arrange a meet-and-greet.  Everything worked perfectly and Macy’s future was set.  They plan to keep the name Macy but probably drop Belle.

Macy Belle came to RHS as an owner surrender.  Caught in a difficult domestic situation, her previous owner needed to rehome her two dogs, so a family member who’d previously adopted from RHS contacted Dana to see if RHS could help.  Thanks to Kris Keesy and family for stepping up and fostering sweet Macy!

Ace Adoption

Sweet puppy Ace is one of the three “Golf Puppies” (Ace, Birdie and Caddy) rescued from the Red Oak Shelter in October, and while he was the last to find his forever home, he hit the jackpot today!  Ace went to live with a Mom and Dad and two kitty sisters (Charlie and Patton).  He’s got a stay-at-home Dad who is looking forward to watching sporting events with Ace, and a Mom who will spoil him silly, buying him all manner of toys and taking him on 2 mile walks every day.

Thank you to The Vet House for boarding Ace and clearing up his (and his siblings’) skin issues, and to all the foster Moms who busted him out of boarding to give him love and cuddles in their homes:  Dana and Melanie, Julie and Jennifer, and Andie Butler.


Rufus McGee Adoption

2019 continues to be off to a great start with our 3rd adoption this week – Rufus McGee!  Our handsome blue heeler mix was adopted and (just like our heeler Blue who was adopted a few weeks ago) he has a red heeler sister to play with and keep him company!  We’ve already gotten a picture of Rufus and his new canine sister, Dakota, playing happily together in their new home.

Rufus also has 2 human siblings to love on.  His new dad mentioned that Dakota loves to wake the kids up in the morning by sitting on them; she’ll no doubt find her task easier once she shows Rufus how to do it, too!

They will probably keep Rufus’s name since he’s used to it and (you have to admit) it is a pretty cool name.  😉

Rufus was rescued from the Balch Springs Shelter.  Dana had noticed him and, when she realized he was growing more and more despondent in his shelter run, she made the decision to pull him to RHS even without a committed foster.

Thanks to Jenny Kraus and her family who stepped up to foster him once he was in the program.  We know it was hard to let him go, Jenny!