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Karys Adoption

We have a mid-week adoption this week.  Karys found her way to the heart of our cat foster (also a RHS previous adopter), Sharon Hudak.  Sharon was impressed with Karys’ friendliness when they first met.  She thinks that Karys will be a great addition to her family.  Sharon and her husband, John are going to name her “Bunny” because they have a cat named Possum.   It’s going to be a big party in Karys’ forever home with dog sibling (Poco) and cat siblings (Coffee, Clementine, Possum & our very own Ninja).

Karys was from the Red Oak Animal Shelter.  She was skinny, dirty and frightened and she was in urgent need to be out of the shelter.  Thanks to Randy and Nancy Thomas for stepping up to foster this sweet girl.  They nurture her with love and help to build her confidence.    You guys are miracle workers!

Jelly Adoption

Despite the pouring rain and gloomy weather, there were some bright smiles today at MTP as Jelly was adopted!  And it should come as no surprise to anyone that she was adopted by her foster, Pam!  Right from the start, it was pretty obvious that Pam and Jelly (now known as Gracie  or Gracie Marie when she’s been naughty) were meant to be together.   She even has her dad, Art, wrapped firmly around her tiny paw.

Rounding out the family is her new canine brother, Nick, with whom she’s already started agility lessons.  Her trainer says, despite her size, she’s fearless!

Pam spent some time at PSP with us, shopping for just the right accessories for Gracie.  The final choice was purple with a blinged out collar and leash – matching her Mom’s hat nicely!

After being dumped in a field (along with 2 other small dogs) in below-freezing weather, Jelly was taken in by some good Samaritans temporarily and then brought to the Red Oaks Shelter.  She was fostered (and adopted) by Pam and Art Quagliani.


Roxy Ann Adoption

It’s said that good things come to those who wait, and it certainly came true for our little Chihuahua, Roxy Ann, today (which, appropriately enough, just happens to be National Chihuahua Day)!  After setting an RHS record for the longest time ever in foster care (SIX YEARS!), Roxy finally found what she’s been looking for – a lap to call her own.

Several weeks ago, two ladies came MTP looking for a small dog to be a companion for the Grandpa of their family.  It seemed almost too good to be true, especially since they specifically asked about Roxy Ann and Vinnie, two long-time fosters who never really showed their personalities well at MTP events.   A home visit was arranged and it was decided that Roxy was the better fit for their family.  A temporary foster period allowed Roxy to transition to a new home and make it her own, and the adoption was finalized today.  She is now part of a tightly-knit family with a stay-at-home Granddad, his caregiver (who loves Roxy, too!) and Mom, and several other family members who live within walking distance of each other.

Roxy’s foster, Martha, has been asked many times over the years why she didn’t just adopt Roxy, but Martha always felt that there was a family out there for her – a place where she didn’t have to share laps and attention.    It was hard to let her go, but Martha said it’s a bit easier when the situation feels as right as this.

Roxy was surrendered to the Richardson Shelter way back in 2013.  Attached are pictures of her in the Shelter and on her Freedom Ride; her little face has gotten pretty white over the years but her eyes are still sparkling with personality.

Thanks to Pat Rotundo for going on the home visit with Martha, to everyone who supported Roxy’s journey and, most especially, to foster-extraordinaire, Martha, for never giving up on her.

Ruffles Adoption

Sweet kitty, Ruffles, found her fur-ever home today as well!  She will be the only pet in her new mom’s life, so she’ll get lots of love and cuddles.  Mama to kittens, Cheeto and Dorito (aka The Munchies), Ruffles was rescued from the Mesquite shelter.

She was fostered first by Leasa Isom and then by Victoria West.

Milo Adoption

No surprise to anyone (since he never made it to a single MTP), Milo made it permanent with HIS foster family today!  He will be known as Charlie, the name he had when he came to RHS.

An owner surrender, Milo was fostered by Kathy and Mark Shada, who also fostered (and adopted!) Cozi and Coda.

Tank II Adoption

Although he made a few trips to MTP events, handsome beagle, Tank, decided he would much prefer to stay where he was and convinced his foster family to become his permanent family!    Tina said they would probably keep his name Tank, but it might morph to Hank if he seems amenable to the change.

An owner surrender, Tank was fostered (and adopted) by Tina Harrison and family.


Tiny Adoption

Today Tiny (new name Toy the cat) was adopted by his foster parents Nancy and Randy Thomas. After 3 years they decided to make him an official family member!

Toy aka Tiny was rescued from the Balch Springs Animal Shelter when he was a tiny kitten hence the name Tiny!

Congratulations Nancy, Randy, and Toy!! 😻

Maizy Adoption

Today we had our first ever adoption AT an adoption reunion picnic (making it a shoo-in for the Most Recent Adoption trophy)!  Maizy was adopted by the Cook family who adopted puggle, Moose, several years ago from RHS.  After Moose lost a short battle with cancer, the Cooks came back to RHS and fostered Reese Espieces.  While attending an MTP with Reese, Mary and Anna met Maizy and fell in love.  They took the opportunity to interact with Maizy some more while taking Reese to day care at Velvet Snout and decided to make Maizy a part of their family.  They will keep her name; Mary feels that it suits Maizy and she responds well to it, so why change a good thing?

A rescue from the Balch Springs Shelter, Maizy spent most of her time with RHS boarded at the Velvet Snout.  Thanks to Dana Huffman for rescuing her, to the great staff at VS for caring for her and to everyone who busted her out for breaks, walks and rides to MTP!


Raymie Adoption

On Saturday, tuxedo kitty, Raymie, found her fur-ever home.  Raymie, now named Lena, has a new mama and a feline sibling named Happy, and will live in a house with a special “cat room” that is lavishly decorated to go with the changing seasons!

Raymie, along with her litter mates Briar Rose and Ryder, was fostered by the Pearson family.  Thanks to Misty, John and the kids for another great foster job!!