Rainbow Bridge

Lamar McIntosh

We both were broken. I had just lost my Mother when he came into my life. He had one front leg that was shorter then his other legs and that paw was malformed. His first family told his rescuers to take him because he couldn’t keep up with their...

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Lily Grace Woodrum

Precious Lily Grace passed away on Friday, February 9. She was one of 51 Maltipoos abandoned on a cold dark road in Flower Mound in October 2012.  Life was hard for sweet Lily Grace before she was rescued by Flower Mound Humane Society, fostered...

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Primrose "Rosie"

Just 2 days after being adopted, sweet Primrose somehow got out of her new home and was struck by a car while running across the road.  She has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Rest in peace, sweet Primrose. You deserved a longer, better life. We are...

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Happy Boy Blaylock

Happy Boy 1-3-18 While my heart is filled with deep sadness and grief, it is for the gratitude that also fills it that I write these words. For amongst tragedy there was kindness and compassion that can never be repaid and that words will never...

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