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Stella Boren

Stella Girl is the name this sweet soul was known as around the Boren household.  I started fostering Stella Girl when she was around 12 years old (is what they’re guestimating). Stella Girl was a Chocolate Lab, which are usually the greatest, kindest dogs out there.  Well, I get her home and we realize that Stella had terrible food aggression.  She was rescued from a hoarder so she probably had to fight for every piece of food this sweet girl got.  I decided that it was okay, we’d work on the food aggression and just feed her in a different room from  my other dogs.

Well, within a couple of days, we realized that Stella was mean, which is an odd characteristic for a Chocolate Lab to have.  Later we understood that it was just pure fear on her part, but was so concerning to us because we did have other dogs, and  kids in our home most weekends.

We were told when we got her that she was heart worm positive, so this already afraid baby had to go in for heart worm treatments, which thankfully worked.

I only took her to one MTP event and it traumatized her so that I never took her back.


We lost Stella Girl earlier this year at approximately 15 years of age.  Obviously all this precious needed was someone to love and take care of her.

She was the kindest, most gentlest soul after she got acclimated to our household.  She’s one of the best dogs we’ve ever had.  I would never have seen that coming after the rocky start we had.

By the end, she would eat out of the same bowl as our little Johnny Cash (only 7 pounds.)  She loved all people and only wanted love in return.

I am so thankful we didn’t give up on this sweet girl.    What a gem she was, and we’re so thankful that we were picked to help her live out her last few years knowing only peace, that no one was going to hurt her, that there was always going to be food for her.

I’m very thankful to RHS for giving us the opportunity with my Stella Girl.  Fly high, Stella Girl.  You are still loved and so very missed.


Bailey (fka Linsey) Slater

I wanted to pass on the sad news that we lost our sweet Bailey today (her RHS name was Linsey). I still had this original email from the first weekend we had her. She was such a great member of our family and is already missed tremendously.

Thank you for all you do to get these great dogs homes.

Amanda Slater

Sammy G

Fly free, Sammy G.  Your foster moms will miss your sweet face.  Go across the Bridge and join the man who loved you so much that he made sure you were cared for after he was gone.


Ryder Thomas

So, on this rainy dreary day Randy & I just said goodbye to our oldest little guy, Ryder. He was 18 years old & his life was an amazing journey, through it all he kept his fiesty attitude to the end, taking nothing from any dog, cat or human that got in his way. He was your typical Chihuahua, he loved his Mommy with all his might and knew that Daddy was always good for food & treats. We will all miss him immensely, but his time on earth had come to an end. We know he’s making his way to the Rainbow Bridge where he will meet up with his brothers & sisters. So, until we meet again my Ryder, Godspeed my little fellow you were an amazing companion. Mommy & Daddy will love you forever ❤🥀


Lotus Musselman

Sweet Lotus was rescued from a backyard breeding situation in Oklahoma, along with her sister, Luka, and nephew, Buster.  Lotus suffered from a variety of health issues but with love and attention from super-foster, Gladys Fung, she recovered and was deemed healthy enough to look for a fur-ever home.

Her new mom, Danielle, was waiting to meet her the first time Lotus came to MTP, and adopted her the following week.

Sadly, our darling girl’s kidneys started failing and she crossed the Rainbow Bridge on October 2.

RIP, Lotus.  Your time with us was far too brief and we will miss your signature “beagle howl” and sweet personality.

Love, your RHS family