Rainbow Bridge

Gus (Gustav) Colin

Gus passed away at 6:45 this morning. We put him to sleep after he succumbed to complications from his diabetes. He got sick last night and went downhill fast.  By the time we got him to the ER he was in extreme pain. Not even a double dose of...

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Phillip Naish

Phillip, you left so suddenly.  One day not wanting to eat or drink, took you to the vet and you left us the next afternoon.  We were all so shocked.  Your kidneys failed so quickly.  Banks will miss you on our road trips. You two always had so...

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Banks Naish

Banks you were my bestest bud in the whole world.  You traveled everywhere with me.  I will miss you so and Jackson will too.  You know his first question when we talked was “Where is Banks?”  You will be with me forever and ever. I...

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Martin (aka Marty)

It’s been a very tough couple of months for our senior pets and for some of our long-term foster families. Martin (aka Marty) left us today after being diagnosed with pancreatitis. The vets thought they were getting it under control, but he...

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Aissa May Bevelhimer

I do not have any eloquent words. My heart is shattered and forever empty, as I have let Aissa go this afternoon. It was a quality of life decision, as she was nearing her 16th birthday. From the time she was found in terrible shape at 12 weeks...

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Rocky had been left behind by his family, tied up and alone. He chewed his way out of his ropes only to end up caught in a fence. The Balch Springs Shelter and Richardson Humane Society saved him, and Stephanie and her family fostered him. In...

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Noelle Guille

Noelle was tag #614 (we are on tag #2413 now) and she was fostered by Randy Thomas in 2004.  Noelle’s adopter, April, is now a vet in New Hampshire.  She wrote a beautiful letter to let us know about Noelle’s passing: “There is...

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