Rainbow Bridge

Big Fella Reed-Piper

Many of you remember Big Fella.  He was the first bully breed that I fostered and from then on, loved the bullies.   He was so tiny when we found him weighing only 5 lbs.    We named him “Big Fella” and the vet laughed and said he...

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Dory St. John

Dory St. John (adopted in 2006) crossed the bridge this week.  From her adopter, Brittany St. John: My mom said there were cancer spots on her lungs. She had also diabetes as well as Cushings. ? The diabetes she had for the past 3-4 years but was...

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Button Storch

Button “Butt Butt” Storch 2002 – July 21, 2017 My Foster (approx March/April-Mid May 2005) Adopted May 2005 I proudly admit that Button is the reason I am “a foster failure”. I hope you are all doing well. I wanted...

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Valery Naish

To my friends at RHS that knew me & my little Valery. Valery passed away early Sunday morning  (June 5, 2017) with my son right at her side.  She had fought congestive heart failure for a year. The last couple weeks her eating had slowed down...

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Molli Schroeder

A tribute post to my Sweet Molli. You stole my heart the day we met…. (Peanut had to grow on me, but don’t tell her that). Thank you to Richardson Humane Society. Embracing a revolving door of foster siblings and seeing my heart...

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Caboodles Lackey

“The perfect dog you see here, a true friend, and keeper of secrets. Photographs and nose printed windows are memories of good times past. I miss you my friend.” Sincerely, Daryl   The photograph was taken on Caboodles’...

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Meesha (Marie) Dill

Meesha (formerly Marie) crossed the Bridge suddenly this week. From her dad, Brad Dill:  Meesha – I only got to spend a year and a half with you, but you definitely took a piece of my heart. You were a very special and sweet companion and...

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Patty went to the Rainbow Bridge today to join her sweet mom and dad. I will never forget her. She was one of my first RHS fosters, adopted in December 2002. Rest in peace, sweet girl.  (Written by her foster, Martha Denton.)

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Tuck-a-Luck Hickey

A sweet but scruffy senior boy came into our program in 2008(?) who had lost his older gentleman to this place called heaven. He really loved people, especially men, He and food, ANY food. He was more then happy to sit up pretty for any treat...

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