Rainbow Bridge


A little, old, white fluffy dog was found wandering on her own last September and was taken in by the Richardson Animal Shelter. She was old, blind, partially deaf, and cantankerous because of an ear infection. It seemed unlikely that anyone...

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Ginger (formerly Julie) Cohen

With a sad heart I have to tell u that my sweet Ginger, upon the advice of the Vet, was put to sleep. She had severe arthritis in her left leg and then she lost the use of her hind legs and was in pain. This occurred about 6 months ago and I...

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George, Sandy DeBritain’s foster, went to the Rainbow Bridge this morning. He had an unfortunate set of genes that gave him really bad skin.  His vet, Dr. Carter, and the Animal Dermatology Referral Clinic, just couldn’t get the condition fixed...

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Jessie Spencer

Sweet Jessie the Beagle left us to cross the Rainbow Bridge this morning after brightening our lives for over 6 years.  We think she was about 11 years old. Jessie brought us lots of joy with her sweet nature – along with her prancing feet...

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Sugar & Spice Pierson

Maggie Dahl and Martha Denton pulled Sugar and Spice from the Richardson Shelter and she was adopted by the Pierson family in June 2005.  She was NEVER an easy dog; she did not get along with other dogs, and her family ADORED her and bent over...

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Remi Williams

Remi, adopted in March 2003, went to be with his sisters Copper and Ginger, as well as his foster sister Siena, at the bridge today. For those that did not know my dog of a thousand faces, here are his adoption picture and his intake picture. Our...

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Joe Hergenroder

We adopted Joe back in January 2003; he has been a good, loyal and a protective little boy. We lost him after 14 years to heart failure and we miss him a lot. We are going to miss our boy for a long time and my heart hurts that he is gone. Thank...

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Tabbi Rogers

Tabbi: T – True blue friend and companion A – Always there to greet me with a happy wag of her tail B – Always loved to Bark at the mailman from her favorite spot on the front porch B – Best behaved dog I – Intuitive...

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Sissy Huffman

For those of you that remember the years and years that Dana’s Dad pulled the trailer for RHS in the city Christmas parade with the help of his sidekick Sissy (a/k/a “Skunk”), her parents lost their sweet baby yesterday. By best...

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Ellie Ker

We had to say goodbye to our sweet little Ellie two days before Thanksgiving.  Words cannot express our gratitude to  you for first letting us foster her and then adopt her.  We miss her terribly.  We are so grateful to have had her as a part of...

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Moxie Huffman

We lost our dear sweet Moxie today. Adopted from RHS in 2003 as “Bluebonnet,” we watched a while and determined her name should be Moxie. Many years of laughter, walks and fun. Moxie has been very healthy until about one month ago...

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