Dory St. John

Dory St. John (adopted in 2006) crossed the bridge this week.  From her adopter, Brittany St. John:
My mom said there were cancer spots on her lungs. She had also diabetes as well as Cushings. ? The diabetes she had for the past 3-4 years but was doing well. Over the past year she gradually got worse, very hard and challenging to get her to eat. Yes, I think she was 14. It hit me very hard! I feel so broken-hearted! She was the one who told me I was pregnant with my first born by placing her forehead on my tummy which she had never done before! ❤️ I loved Dory from the moment I saw her picture on Petfinder! I’m going with my mom to pick up her ashes I believe today. ? It’s hard but I know she’s better now and chasing squirrels! ?
From Martha Denton:  Dory was one of the first dogs Pat Wykes and I pulled from the old Dallas shelter. We pulled her the same day we pulled Lily/Chanel. We had pulled two dogs, but the one in cage number 117 (I later named her Dory after my goddaughter) stood up quietly in the corner of the kennel with her paws on the bars and her eyes following us from cage to cage. I could not get her off my mind, so I told Pat we had to go back and get her.

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