Button Storch

Button “Butt Butt” Storch
2002 – July 21, 2017
My Foster (approx March/April-Mid May 2005) Adopted May 2005
I proudly admit that Button is the reason I am “a foster failure”.
I hope you are all doing well. I wanted to let you know …Button passed away June 22, 2017. She would have been 16 next year. She was an expert traveler by both car and plane. Born and raised in Texas until she was 9 and lived the rest of her years outside of Los Angeles.
Letting go was a tough decision to make but it was the right one. Over the past year and a half, she lost her sight (one eye had to be removed as her lens detached… and the other almost completely blind), she became deaf…on top of additional health issues going back many years. Yet she set her mind to stay strong and keep going as she was a fighter. The medicines (steroid shots, pills and liquids) helped her, but over time she declined. You could say Button was a “100 year old dog with 15+ lives”.
She survived so much and still wouldn’t give up In the end, I knew she would get only worse and I did not want to see her like that nor let her live miserably. She closed her eyes for the last time with dignity and knowing how much she was loved and cared for. Whatever she needed we gave her and this choice was difficult and heartbreaking but in her best interest. Button surpassed Casey by 4 years and she is now with her soulmate once again. Dottie and Joy Joy gave her kisses and they too feel at peace knowing she is looking down and watching over them.
Rescued by RHS in 2002, she was named “Button” as she was “as cute as a button”. Bob and Pat Wykes provided me with so many of her baby photos when they were her original fosters. I am so grateful for those memories. After being adopted in June 2002, she and her brother were returned after 3 years by her original owners, for a reason I recall that they “wanted to travel”. Their decision was my gain.
RHS thank you for choosing/allowing me to foster Button upon her return…and then shortly after blessing me the gift of adopting her. My family and I loved Button unconditionally and gave her a forever home for 12 years. A piece of my heart is missing but the memories of her will fill it back up. All of my fur-kids have been RHS rescues and I am blessed for having them in my life.
(Pardon all of the photos, so many years of captured moments that I couldn’t decide)
With love, Jackie Storch

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