Gus (Gustav) Colin

Gus passed away at 6:45 this morning. We put him to sleep after he succumbed to complications from his diabetes. He got sick last night and went downhill fast.  By the time we got him to the ER he was in extreme pain. Not even a double dose of sedatives could bring him any relief. His entire body was rigid and his blood was full of toxins from his disease. In retrospect, the peeing, pooping and disorientation that we attributed to his  blindness this past week was more likely the start of him getting sick. As you know,  he was/is our baby and the decision to let him go, while devastating to us, was best for him. He is in a better place. He was an amazing dude, had an incredibly happy live,  and brought so much joy to everyone he met. He is already missed so much. I’m crying my eyes out as I type his. My heart is broken. In the 3 years we had our special boy, he lived a life fit for a prince and he deserved every single second of it and more.

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