Angel Hope & Zeus Adoption

No, it’s not an April Fool’s Joke; we really did have a double adoption today!!  Angel Hope and Zeus are best friends and wanted to stay together, and they found themselves a family willing to do just that!!

Although Jason and Laura really only came to MTP to meet Angel Hope, when they learned that Zeus was Angel’s BFF, they decided to adopt both of them.  They’d had a bonded pair of dogs for 19 years (siblings from the same litter) so they were used to having 2 dogs in the house.  They are planning to get an extra-large crate for Zeus to sleep in so Angel has room to go in for a snuggle.  🙂

Angel had been a stray, found by long-time RHS volunteer Martha Duke.   Zeus came to RHS when Diane’s son was forced by his landlord to give up Zeus.  Diane fostered Zeus and then later took him back to foster again after his first adoption fell through, even though by that point she was already fostering Angel.

Thanks for a great double fostering job, Diane and Matt Boren!!