Briana Adoption

Our beautiful kitten, Briana, was adopted today! Her new mom had her heart set on a Russian Blue kitty, and as soon as Briana’s picture was posted on our website, she submitted an application. Since Briana wasn’t yet ready, Kristi waited patiently, checking in at regular intervals to keep tabs on the kitten’s progress. As soon as Briana was moved to “available for adoption” status, a home visit was scheduled, everyone was happy, and the adoption was set.

Kristi plans to change Briana’s name but isn’t 100% settled on what to call her; Gracie is under consideration but it may end up be something Russian to go with her breed. Besides her new mom, Briana/Gracie will share her home with a doggy brother named Indy.

Briana and her sister, Bristol, were fostered by Victoria West. Thanks for a great foster job, Victoria; we hope you’ll foster again soon!