Karys Adoption

We have a mid-week adoption this week.  Karys found her way to the heart of our cat foster (also a RHS previous adopter), Sharon Hudak.  Sharon was impressed with Karys’ friendliness when they first met.  She thinks that Karys will be a great addition to her family.  Sharon and her husband, John are going to name her “Bunny” because they have a cat named Possum.   It’s going to be a big party in Karys’ forever home with dog sibling (Poco) and cat siblings (Coffee, Clementine, Possum & our very own Ninja).

Karys was from the Red Oak Animal Shelter.  She was skinny, dirty and frightened and she was in urgent need to be out of the shelter.  Thanks to Randy and Nancy Thomas for stepping up to foster this sweet girl.  They nurture her with love and help to build her confidence.    You guys are miracle workers!