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Tiny Adoption

Today Tiny (new name Toy the cat) was adopted by his foster parents Nancy and Randy Thomas. After 3 years they decided to make him an official family member!

Toy aka Tiny was rescued from the Balch Springs Animal Shelter when he was a tiny kitten hence the name Tiny!

Congratulations Nancy, Randy, and Toy!! 😻

Maizy Adoption

Today we had our first ever adoption AT an adoption reunion picnic (making it a shoo-in for the Most Recent Adoption trophy)!  Maizy was adopted by the Cook family who adopted puggle, Moose, several years ago from RHS.  After Moose lost a short battle with cancer, the Cooks came back to RHS and fostered Reese Espieces.  While attending an MTP with Reese, Mary and Anna met Maizy and fell in love.  They took the opportunity to interact with Maizy some more while taking Reese to day care at Velvet Snout and decided to make Maizy a part of their family.  They will keep her name; Mary feels that it suits Maizy and she responds well to it, so why change a good thing?

A rescue from the Balch Springs Shelter, Maizy spent most of her time with RHS boarded at the Velvet Snout.  Thanks to Dana Huffman for rescuing her, to the great staff at VS for caring for her and to everyone who busted her out for breaks, walks and rides to MTP!


Raymie Adoption

On Saturday, tuxedo kitty, Raymie, found her fur-ever home.  Raymie, now named Lena, has a new mama and a feline sibling named Happy, and will live in a house with a special “cat room” that is lavishly decorated to go with the changing seasons!

Raymie, along with her litter mates Briar Rose and Ryder, was fostered by the Pearson family.  Thanks to Misty, John and the kids for another great foster job!!

Molly Moo

Sweet senior girl, Molly Moo, crossed the Rainbow Bridge on March 3 after a short battle with cancer.

Molly was rescued from the Richardson Shelter in November 2017 by Martha Denton and Pat Rotundo.  She’d been left there when her previous owner went into hospice care.  Severely underweight and suffering from laryngeal paralysis, Molly Moo underwent surgery to allow her to eat and breathe, but which left her with a raspy half-bark that became her trademark sound.  She also struggled with arthritis in her back legs but nothing affected her happy spirit.  She was always eager for attention and brushing and occasionally even a little dance in the sunshine.

A fast-growing and painful malignant tumor proved too much for her, though, and the decision was made to let her go peacefully.  She crossed the Bridge as she lived life – snoring contentedly, happy to be with her two foster moms, Pat and Martha.

Run free and bark loudly, Molly Moo.  We will miss you.

Daisy Fertitta

We have so many pictures of Daisy that we love, but this one shows how much joy she had in the short life that she had :o)

“Daisy was our super cute, spunky little baby, full of joy!  She was a part of our lives for less than 2 years, but we loved everything that she was. She was full of attitude! Attitude of persistence to get Gracie out of depression after Elwood passed away (which she did!); attitude of joyfulness in experiencing new things ( like chewing on this huge bone!); attitude of skepticism from the hard life she had before she came to us; and attitude of giving all of her love to us to the very end. We miss her so much, but look forward to reuniting with her someday!”

Love you,


Wrigby Armstrong

Wrigby was the best little buddy and muppet dog a girl could ask for. He loved baby carrots, hunting squirrels, and going on adventures. Wrigby even helped his mom get engaged by carrying the ring during the proposal. On December 13th, 2017, Wrigby crossed the rainbow bridge after a day filled with “bucket list” items including a steak & egg breakfast, ice cream, a visit to his favorite park & a final Christmas with his family in matching pajamas. We miss our little buddy every day and are grateful for the time we had with him.
– Katherine Armstrong Smith

FKA Ellis, Wrigby was fostered by Martha Denton.