Liberty Ragland

Liberty Ragland

It is with a very broken heart that I am letting you know that Liberty, passed away yesterday at home. We had to let her go after learning too late about cancer that had already spread through her body without anything else we could do to help her.

She came to us on April 20, 2013, when she was already 3 years old. We had almost 9 beautiful years with her. Thanks to RHS for trusting us with such a precious girl. Thanks to Martha for taking her out of the shelter and the Cortez family for fostering her.

She was truly special, sweet, gentle, and well-mannered. She welcomed and helped a few RHS dogs like Milo, Jaxx, and Clover to find their forever homes, always nice, playful, and patient at them.

She leaves a big hole in our lives. Run free sweet Liberty. You will be missed every day.


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