Rocky had been left behind by his family, tied up and alone. He chewed his way out of his ropes only to end up caught in a fence. The Balch Springs Shelter and Richardson Humane Society saved him, and Stephanie and her family fostered him. In their care he went from 70 lbs to 120 lbs, his coat went from scruffy to soft and shiny, his eyes went from cloudy to bright, and legs that could hardly stand became strong. Thank you, Stephanie and family, for letting Rocky know love and security in his last years. Rest in peace, Rock
From his foster mom, Stephanie:  Many of you know by now that our gentle giant went over the rainbow bridge yesterday. I do not want to get in details here just because it’s so upsetting, but this one particularly stings to take him from such terrible shape to have him pass because I allowed him to swallow something. I would like to think he had a really good last 3 years. He ran the house and if my brother or I ever heard the bellow and weren’t in the room with him we were there in a jiff asking what do you want Rocky? I started asking how might I please you and courtesy and saying as you wish. Because who wouldn’t make this giant happy. He was calm and sweet and just wanted to be loved. He slept with a chi-weenie all day …another RHS dog Hobbs…and liked to go in the front yard and work with me as Hobbs incessantly barked.
Not that I don’t love the rest of mine, but my thought this morning was well damn I don’t have that dog to be so proud of anymore. Everyone was drawn to Rocky and for those that know my situation, let’s face it I drew my decade to have the crazies. Rocky was patient with them as well. 
What I do what you guys to know is Vet House is wrecked over this . They loved him. Dustin could use some love. Dr Filgardy LOVED Rocky too. She originally treated him at Vet House so last week when I took him to his appointment we actually stopped at AMC to see her after. She told me at the time she so wanted her mom to take Rocky. She thanked me yesterday for that visit as she consoled me. But one of the biggest heroes yesterday was the vet tech Michelle at AMC. She worked miracles to make sure he had a chance to even get to surgery. Please, if you are going by there seek her out and let her know she’s amazing.
I know so many of you don’t know me. I live up near Denton and I work weekends. But I also make room in my home for the worst cases because they are the best. Be proud to be part of this group. Attached is my daughter and Rocky. She will be 25 next week and is now working in a vet office. She was 11 when we started fostering with RHS.


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