Lottie Mae Adoption

Our cuddly little Chihuahua, Lottie Mae, found her forever home today!

Lottie came to RHS severely overweight and unable to walk properly.  A strict diet and lots of hard work the part of her fosters resulted in a transformation of her physique, but it came to light that much of her difficulty walking was actually due to cerebellar hypoplasia, which is the canine version of cerebral palsy.  Her special needs did not deter her new Mom, Carol, though, and her outgoing personality during the home visit completely won everyone’s heart.

Lottie joins a small family consisting of Carol and two dogs, Noah and Conner.   Carol’s friend/neighbor plans to visit often and bring her own dogs, so Lottie will have plenty of activity to maintain her slim new shape!

It took a village to get Lottie back to a healthy weight; during her time with RHS, she was fostered by Julie Malcolm and family, Kevin Truong, Pat Rotundo, and finally Bob and Pat Wykes.  Thanks for a great job with a special girl, everyone!