Pumpkin Spice Adoption

Pumpkin Spice Adoption

In early Fall, I saw my neighbor’s kids were surrounding a truck when I was walking Robbie. One of them came to say, “Madam, can you help?” I knew they must have found a cat or a dog and I hope it was not a possum. At that moment, this tiny dog entered my life. I kept her for 2 weeks while I was looking for her owner. However there was no claim for this wonderful girl.

Thanks to RHS for intaking her and her life has changed for the better. Amy has kindly named her Pumpkin Spice for the fur color she has. Tonight she has found an amazing forever home. One of her adopters’ dogs died this summer and they want to find a playmate for their dog, Wally. They fell in love with Pumpkin the moment they saw her pictures. They’re going to spoil her rotten. I heard that they have 7 grandpuppies and a welcoming party will be held real soon. They have not thought of a new name for her. They’ll wait for a suitable name to pop up fitting her personality.

Thank you, RHS and to everyone who works behind the scenes to make this happen, YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST!

Gladys Fung

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