Roxy Ann Adoption

It’s said that good things come to those who wait, and it certainly came true for our little Chihuahua, Roxy Ann, today (which, appropriately enough, just happens to be National Chihuahua Day)!  After setting an RHS record for the longest time ever in foster care (SIX YEARS!), Roxy finally found what she’s been looking for – a lap to call her own.

Several weeks ago, two ladies came MTP looking for a small dog to be a companion for the Grandpa of their family.  It seemed almost too good to be true, especially since they specifically asked about Roxy Ann and Vinnie, two long-time fosters who never really showed their personalities well at MTP events.   A home visit was arranged and it was decided that Roxy was the better fit for their family.  A temporary foster period allowed Roxy to transition to a new home and make it her own, and the adoption was finalized today.  She is now part of a tightly-knit family with a stay-at-home Granddad, his caregiver (who loves Roxy, too!) and Mom, and several other family members who live within walking distance of each other.

Roxy’s foster, Martha, has been asked many times over the years why she didn’t just adopt Roxy, but Martha always felt that there was a family out there for her – a place where she didn’t have to share laps and attention.    It was hard to let her go, but Martha said it’s a bit easier when the situation feels as right as this.

Roxy was surrendered to the Richardson Shelter way back in 2013.  Attached are pictures of her in the Shelter and on her Freedom Ride; her little face has gotten pretty white over the years but her eyes are still sparkling with personality.

Thanks to Pat Rotundo for going on the home visit with Martha, to everyone who supported Roxy’s journey and, most especially, to foster-extraordinaire, Martha, for never giving up on her.