Tidbit & Tubbs Double Adoption

Our two beautiful, all black cats that were born into RHS by tiny mom, Gypsy, who was adopted by Deb Currier last year were adopted today!  When Deb moved away, Tubbs and Tidbit moved to Janet’s home and Janet fell in love after just 6 short months, adding two more “foster fails” to her small, but full of love, home. The boys get along great with RHS alum Dart (he wasn’t ready to share his face for the camera yesterday) and Janet’s senior pup Sophie.
HUGE thanks to Deb Currier and Andra Evans who originally fostered these boys, and their mom, and gave them such great care and so much love to share as they moved into their forever home!! Tubbs and Tidbit will be Janet’s final fosters. Pictured hiding in the cabinet is Tidbit, who is a little shy around newcomers. Tubbs (with the white whiskers) is all around, though!

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