Farley Adoption

While a storm was a brewin’ outside of Pet Supplies Plus today, inside, safe and sound, Farley was being adopted by his forever family, Cerene and her 13 year old son Simeon.  Seems Simeon has wanted a dog for a while, but he had to show some responsibility first by doing his chores and keeping his room clean, which he did.

Sweet, handsome, smoky-eyed Farley came to us through our foster coordinator Laurie Baker.  Farley was dumped at the home of one of Laurie’s work friends earlier this year.  They had another dog, but that dog was not keen on Farley, so they asked if RHS could foster him.  Fortunately for Farley, Kris Keesy and family had a spot available for Farley, and it was there that he spent several months in the lap of love and luxury, waiting for his forever home.

Please wish Farley, Cerene and Simeon a happy life together (and let’s hope Simeon continues to keep his room clean), and thank Kris and family for another fabulous fostering job.