Our charming, happy little heeler mix, Shay, has been adopted!! He has 2 canine siblings, human parents and a human auntie at home plus a large extended family who all came to help celebrate the occasion! His awesome family is devoted to rescuing older dogs – the ones who often get overlooked because they’re no longer young, frisky puppies. Their pets have the run of the house and there are pet beds all over the place so there’s always one handy when a nap attack strikes. 🙂 Cristina and Erik, his new parents, like to name their pets for Peanuts characters. Their eldest dog was Snoopy; Snoopy sadly passed away last November (although they still celebrated his birthday and gotcha days to remember him). Their next dog (who looks like a heeler mix but with brown spots where Shay is grey and black) is named Charlie (Brown). Their smallest dog is Frankie (Franklin). So Shay will now be known as Lino, which is the Spanish version of Linus. If you think Frankie looks familiar, it’s because he is also an RHS alum! Formerly known as Fargo, he was adopted last February. (Frankie was very happy to see his foster mom, Gladys!) Rescued from the Collin County, Shay was fostered by Bridget and her husband. Happy tails, Shay/Lino! We know you’re going to have a great life!

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