Aissa May Bevelhimer

I do not have any eloquent words. My heart is shattered and forever empty, as I have let Aissa go this afternoon. It was a quality of life decision, as she was nearing her 16th birthday. From the time she was found in terrible shape at 12 weeks old until her very last breath, she was always a “good girl”. She was spunky, and stubborn, and such a Momma’s girl. When we went to training or the dog park, she never left my side. She was bouncy and happy, and did I say stubborn? We had a nice weekend where we went to the park and just sat. She got ice cream Saturday and then again today. She even had me laughing as we were on our way to the vet. I had also gotten her a cheeseburger, and as I sat some down on the console for her, she couldn’t see it well enough and tried biting my phone that was sitting nearby. My head knows I made the right decision to let her go now, but my heart is broken.
Karma Bevelhimer

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