Bella Darling AKA Possum Simpson

When we first saw “Bella Darling” online  we tried to figure out her story. In our minds she must have belonged to an elderly lady who named her. We could not have been further from the truth.  Our baby girl started her early life in a field eating bugs and acorns. We know that because she continued to do so for many years. After the field she went to Balch Springs Animal Control. While there a wonderful man protected her and loved her. After that she went to live with her foster Moms. When she came to us it was obvious she was a very happy girl who had been shown much love in her short life.
While with us she loved to play hide and seek with her kitties, steal our socks, carry them around the house, and when she was ready she would tuck them under Daddy’s pillow for safe keeping. She was “medically fragile” due to seizures, but they were controlled by medication. In January 2018 she was diagnosed with a heart murmur. It wasn’t too bad but something that we needed to keep an eye on. Unfortunately that turned quickly into congestive heart failure.
Bella provided her human family with years of love and laughter. It was especially hard to be mad at her. If she was naughty we would just say “oh no” and she would fall over on her side and roll to her back so we could rub her belly.
She was truly the best dog we’ve ever had! She had a wonderful personality that brightened our lives so much.  She is so missed. We’re still deep in the pain of our loss but relieved that she is no longer suffering. A huge thank you to those reading this that made a difference in Bella’s life.

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