Big Fella Reed-Piper

Many of you remember Big Fella.  He was the first bully breed that I fostered and from then on, loved the bullies.   He was so tiny when we found him weighing only 5 lbs.    We named him “Big Fella” and the vet laughed and said he wasn’t big at all.  I just knew he would be.   A lovely couple adopted Big Fella and they had a young son, Aiden.  Aiden wanted a dog so bad.   He knew it was hard for me to let Big Fella go and he brought me a plant to PetCo when they adopted Big Fella.  Big Fella and Aiden were always together.  A baby came along and Big was so gentle with her as well but Aiden was his buddy and vice versa.
About 3 weeks ago I was contacted and given the shocking news that Big Fella passed away suddenly.  He was playing with Aiden and collapsed.  They rushed him to the ER vet where he collapsed again.  While on the floor waiting for test results, he died.  Results revealed what was apparently a heart defect and it was a heart attack at only 6 years old. I am devastated as is Big Fella’s family and especially Aiden.
They provided Big Fella a wonderful home and he was nothing but loved from beginning to end.  I am so thankful to this family for loving Big Fella and letting me know about losing him so suddenly.   He was truly a gentle giant.
Dana Huffman


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