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Melody Adoption

We had an adoption tonight at Petsmart. Sweet Melody, the last of Jamie’s puppies, went to her forever home. She will have a wonderful mom and another doxie to play with. Thanks to Martha and Pam and Art Q. for fostering Melody.

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Suzy Q Adoption

Longtimer Suzy Q was adopted by a sweet couple who previously adopted from RHS. Their beloved Paquita passed away recently, and they fell in love with adorable Suzy Q. Suzy was fostered by Bob and Pat Wykes, Bill and Donna Meyer, Gladys Fung...

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Lyric Adoption

Playful, busy Lyric (fostered by Martha), was adopted by a fun couple with lots of dachshund experience. She will be an only dog and travel the country with her new family in their RV.

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Ernie II Adoption

Kitty Ernie II was adopted by his fosters, Samina and Nadeem Omar!  He looks terrified in the photo because of a barking dog in the vicinity, but he’s very happy to be staying with his fosters permanently!

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Dixie C Adoption

Two lucky dogs went to their forever homes today. Next to go home was sweet Dixie C. Her new mom and dad were so excited to adopt her and I know that she will be one spoiled little girl. Thanks to Stephanie and Tram for fostering Dixie.

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Cadence Adoption

Two lucky dogs went to their forever homes today. First to go home was Cadence, one of Jamie’s puppies. He went home with a very sweet lady who fell in love with him at Collin Creek. Thanks to Martha, David, and Caitlyn for fostering that...

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Vista Adoption

Vista was recently returned to RHS because her adopter moved to assisted living and could not take Vista along.  Vista was adopted quickly by a sweet family with 3 teenagers and an adorable terrier for Vista to play with.  Martha fostered Vista...

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Tempo Adoption

Tempo, (one of dachshund Jamie’s 5 puppies) was adopted by a sweet mom and daughter who have another dachshund at home for Tempo to play with.  Thanks to David and Caitlyn Banowsky for fostering Tempo!  

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Amos Adoption

Amos, the adorably cute terrier puppy was adopted by an active family with 10- and 7-year old children to keep Amos busy. They also have another dog at home for Amos to play with. Thanks to Stephanie Hickey and her daughter, Meghan McGee, for...

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