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Queenie Adoption

Our adorable little Queenie was fostered by Bob & Pat Wkyes. Queenie was adopted by the daughter of our long-time volunteer, Georgia Merriman. Georgia said that Queenie is the lucky 7 in the family as she is going to have six other playmates...

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Tyson Adoption

Tyson, fostered by Mary Naish and family, decided to stay right where he is, with his foster family. They saw him through heartworm treatment and helped him regain his healthy weight. Mary and her family are moving back to Nebraska soon, and we...

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RT Adoption

Sweet pup RT (named for volunteer Randy Thomas, who pulled him from the Balch Springs Shelter for RHS) was adopted this afternoon by Al and Marilyn Diamond (prior adopters of Tracker). RT was fostered by Jennifer McClelland, then by the Diamonds...

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Bugler Adoption

Sweet beagle boy Bugler came to RHS in rough shape. He was thin and had a very rough coat and oily, smelly skin. The transformation from the time he came to RHS to the time he was adopted was nothing short of amazing. Hemotomas on his ears were...

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Dusty II

Dusty II spent months trying to recover from “the worst case of ringworm” The Vet House had ever seen. He remained at the vet for a few months while his brothers Archie and Gideon went on to their forever homes. Finally, after he was...

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Halo Adoption

Halo, one of Piper Joy’s pups, was fostered by Gladys Fung, then by the Moss family, who decided to adopt him. Halo was found to be deaf during his 4 months in foster care, and the Moss family will continue to follow up on techniques for...

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Astro Adoption

Piper Joy’s puppy Astro was adopted this week by a sweet couple who were very excited to take him home.  Thank you to Gladys Fung and to Stephanie Hickey and family for a great job fostering him!  

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Ayala "YaYa" Gregory

Thank you for bringing me the purrfect pet, female, young and under 40 pounds. We bonded fast and easy. We were together for only a short year and YaYa made it ‘a best year’ giving and receiving love and companionship. In training...

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