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Coda Adoption

The VERY handsome Coda, one of Jamie’s five puppies, was adopted this evening by his foster family, Mark and Kathy Shada.  Kathy and Mark also adopted RHS’s Lindale almost 4 years ago today! Coda (now Frank), Lindale (Lenny) and their...

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2014 Reunion

Save The Date! The 13th Annual Adopters Reunion will be Sunday, April 13th, from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. at Huffhines Park in Richardson. The reunion is proceeding as planned despite the rain, in the covered pavilion at the park.

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Bailee Adoption

When Dena Chappell decided that she might like to foster and place the tiny puppy she had rescued from a cold, icy parking lot a few months earlier, she turned to her friend Cynthia, a prior RHS adopter for advice. Cynthia, who had adopted Gladys...

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Jamie Adoption

We had one special adoption today. Precious Jamie (mom to five beautiful puppies) decided she loved her foster mommy and daddy so much that she wanted to stay. Our own Chris and Bruce Merzario made it official today. Jamie is home. She even...

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Bailey Adoption

Sweet foster Bailey was adopted today.  His fosters, Bob and Pat Wykes, say that they will miss his happy disposition and sweet smile but think his smile shows he’s happy to be going to his forever home!  

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Springer Adoption

Springer was a young energetic pup when she came to RHS and the foster home of Gladys Fung. She’s still young and definitely energetic, but now she’s in her forever home!  She has a dog sibling, Lucy, at home to play with and she will...

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