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Bailey Adoption

Sweet foster Bailey was adopted today.  His fosters, Bob and Pat Wykes, say that they will miss his happy disposition and sweet smile but think his smile shows he’s happy to be going to his forever home!  

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Springer Adoption

Springer was a young energetic pup when she came to RHS and the foster home of Gladys Fung. She’s still young and definitely energetic, but now she’s in her forever home!  She has a dog sibling, Lucy, at home to play with and she will...

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Calvin Zabel

He was a sweet and loving boy, and we miss him very much. He was wonderful, and I’m happy he was able to spend his final years with us.  We wouldn’t hesitate to adopt another senior again, as they still have so much love to give (I...

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Bella Adoption

Bella was adopted recently and has another kitty, CJ, for a friend and playmate.  Bella’s new mom, Pat, says that Bella likes to chase CJ though the house, even though he is more than twice her size.  When Bella is in Pat’s lap, CJ...

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Keener Adoption

Lucky Keener was adopted by his wonderful foster parents on Friday. Keener was Leah and Luke’s first RHS foster. They saw him through heartworms and other health issues and fell in love with him along the way. Thank you, Leah and Luke!

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