Bugler Adoption

Sweet beagle boy Bugler came to RHS in rough shape. He was thin and had a very rough coat and oily, smelly skin. The transformation from the time he came to RHS to the time he was adopted was nothing short of amazing. Hemotomas on his ears were surgically removed, and he was treated for a severe case of heartworms, which left him with an enlarged heart and chronic cough. He was fostered by Sandy Arnold and family, Debbie and Matt Van Winkle, and finally by the Holt Family (John, Brittany, Heidi, and Mallory). Once he was past his most serious health issues, Bugler thrived in the Holt home. Thanks to John, Brittany, and family, we watched as Bugler demonstrated how gentle and patient he could be with small children and what a great pal he could be to a big dog like Gus (formerly Sinatra, also adopted from RHS). Heidi, 5, called him Beagler – adorable, huh? : ). The adoptive family’s younger son Brayden (shown here) spotted Bugler at Collin Creek last weekend, and his mom submitted the application that night. The family has two other beagles, Bruiser and Chloe. Bugler’s new name will be Bueller. Thanks to everyone else who helped Bugler along the way, especially Team Bugler, on standby to transport him to play dates and Meet The Pets events as needed.

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