Emerson Adoption

Emerson Adoption
Sweet, funny Emerson was adopted today!  He is Tilley’s pup, although at 6 months old, he’s already larger than his mom and sister, Kodiak (who was adopted recently as well) and he’s still growing!  It seems like only yesterday he was a chubby, round little fur-ball, but now he’s a big, handsome boy.
Emerson joins a fun family with two kids to keep him busy and love on him.  He’ll be the only pet so he’ll get lots of attention.  🙂  His new family is leaning towards changing his name, but as of this afternoon they remained undecided as to what they will call him.
Emerson was fostered by Stephanie Hickey and family until he was weaned, at which point he joined Andie Butler’s pack.  Andie made a photo book for Emerson’s new family to take home with them, full of pictures spanning his entire life (all 6 months of it!) so they could see how he’s changed.
Thank you for another great foster job, Andie!  He’s a special boy and we know it was hard to let him go.
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