Freddie Adoption

Today we had another very special adoption: our sweet lover-boy, Freddie, has found his fur-ever home!!

Freddie and his brother, Brutus, were wandering the streets of Dallas together as very young pups; the boys briefly landed in the Balch Springs Shelter before being rescued by RHS.   Brutus found his fur-ever home quickly, but Freddie proved to be a bit pickier.

His new parents, Christina and JR, had been looking for a pet for a while but hadn’t found the one meant for them.  They actually came to MTP intending to meet a different dog, but Freddie won them over almost immediately.  Christina loves pittie pups; JR wanted a yellow lab.  Since Freddie is a mix of the two, everyone got what they liked!

He will have two human sisters (one of whom didn’t know they were getting a dog until he went home to meet her today – SURPRISE!) in addition to his new parents, so he will have plenty of people to play fetch with and give him the belly rubs he so loves.  Pittsburgh Steelers fans, his new parents are planning to rename him Bettis after retired Steelers running back, Jerome Bettis.  Bettis was known as The Bus, so that could easily end up being Freddie’s nickname as well.

As Jenny likes to say, sometimes it takes a village to find the right homes for the pets in RHS’s care, and Freddie is no exception.  Kathleen Wilson, Lynnie Smith and Pat Rotundo all fostered Freddie for a while, and he spent some time at K9 University furthering his education before Gladys was able to take over and usher him into the next phase of his life.   Thank you to everyone who fostered, chauffeured, loved on and supported him on his journey!