Gypsy Adoption

Gypsy Adoption
Gypsy’s story began on the streets during our heavy Spring storms earlier in the year. She had been getting fed as a stray cat when it was discovered that she was pregnant!
Soon after this discovery, Gypsy was captured and taken to the vet, then she went home with Deb for the first time. From here, Deb and Gypsy quickly developed a strong bond.
Be it through her transition into home life, pregnancy, birth, or her hip surgery, Gypsy had strong support and love the whole way through. There were certainly some ups and downs throughout her journey, but Gypsy ended up exactly where she needed to be.
There is an army of people to thank in regards to Gypsy including Deb, Andra, Springhill Vet Clinic, Melanie, Dana, Martha, and everyone else who helped fund Gypsy’s surgery… so THANK YOU!!
Gypsy is a tiny, beautiful girl and she could not have picked a better match for her forever home. 🙂
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