Happy Boy Blaylock

Happy Boy
While my heart is filled with deep sadness and grief, it is for the gratitude that also fills it that I write these words. For amongst tragedy there was kindness and compassion that can never be repaid and that words will never be able to express the amount of comfort, peace and joy that their actions brought forth.
I first want to thank Chelsea Bullard, a kind stranger who took so much time to care. Chelsea, thank you for posting about the incident, caring for my Happy Boy and for talking with a stranger about a difficult situation. Without you we wouldn’t have known what happened to our Happy Boy. We wouldn’t have been able to locate him to bring him home. We wouldn’t have known what happened so we could find some closure. And I can never repay you or thank you enough for taking the time to do all that for us, perfect strangers.
Thank you to Jim, whomever you may be. Please know that we do not hold any ill feelings toward you or find any fault with you. In fact, it’s just the opposite. I hate that I wasn’t there to hold my precious boy, but you were and it brings me such comfort to know that he wasn’t alone. I know you waited for over thirty minutes (maybe more) with my sweet boy. So many would have just treated him like the “dog” he was a never have stayed or cared. I cannot express how much this act of kindness will never be forgotten.
Thank you to Collin County Animal Services who worked on my baby boy for nearly an hour and took great care of him when he crossed the rainbow bridge. Thank you also for being by his side, caring for him and letting him know he wasn’t alone. It could have been so easy in job where you see animals die so often to not have heart in the situation but it was so clear that you did. Thank you for being kind and compassionate as we ID’d our dear Happy Boy. Thank you for taking care of him so we could bring him home.
Thank you The Pet Loss Center. Thank you for the care and compassion you took in our last moments with our Happy Boy. Thank you for knowing that he is my son, my family and a part of me and us. Thank you for taking the time to make him presentable so that we could view him and for giving us the chance to say goodbye we so desperately needed. Thank you for all the attention to the details from his pawprint to cleaning up him collar for us to the certificate to the dear poems you gave us. Thank you for recognizing ALL of it truly matters.
Thank you to Blair Jourdonais. Thank you for letting us know about the posting. For being the kind of neighbor that recognizes the small things like the color of the dog’s collar to even know the post was speaking of our precious boy and for knowing that we would want to know. For helping us look for him, for making calls to Collin County Sheriffs Office and to Emergency Vet clinics, for checking on us and then for recommending us to The Pet Loss Center. Thank you for never judging the weeping you witnessed and knowing without words just how much he meant to our family.
And last but not least, thank you Martha Denton, the Richardson Humane Society and the Velvet Snout for giving our Happy Boy a second chance. Thank you for seeing through him and seeing the soft sweet spirit he had and not just the outward scared reactions he gave. Thank you for believing in us and allowing us to adopt him, or better yet for letting Pickles adopt him, so that he could fill our hearts with so much joy and peace for over 8 years. Our lives will never be the same and we are so incredibly grateful for that.
Our Happy Boy was rough around the edges with a past that is hauntingly horrible, leaving him to trust very few, particular difficulty with men. Beyond the surface he was a kind, gentle, big teddy bear who was so incredibly loyal. I know he would have done anything for us. He was my Good Boy. And because of each and every one of you he was able to shine in his last moments proving just how far he had come when he had two men hold him in his final minutes. What a beautiful thing. We know this because of each one of your roles in this tragedy. Each of you will always hold a precious piece of my heart for your kindness and compassion. You all allowed us the opportunity to bring our Happy Boy home one last time. So I give you one final THANK YOU!

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