Look out Westminster! Jimmy is coming!

Jimmy, a Richardson Humane Society alum, is going to be competing at Westminster this year! An agility champion, Jimmy was chosen as one of only 15 mixed breed dogs being allowed to compete in Westminster’s agility competition on February 8. For 138 years, Westminster has not welcomed mixed breeds in competition but changed the rules this year.

Adrienne McLean, Jimmy’s mom and handler, also adopted Judy, another mixed breed, from RHS and they started doing agility to help Judy recover from hip surgery. They’ve stayed in touch with RHS over the years and attended our annual reunions when their schedule allowed.

Jimmy, RHS alum and agility champion

Jimmy, RHS alum and agility champion

Adrienne and Jimmy are featured on the front page of the Dallas Morning News today!

You can watch the Westminster agility finals competition will air on Fox Sports 1 at 6 p.m. on Feb. 8. You show them, Jimmy!!!