Luka Adoption

Luka Adoption
Affectionate little beagle, Luka, was rescued (along with her sister, Lotus) from a backyard breeder in Oklahoma.  Long-time RHS supporter/volunteer/adopter Ed Spencer found out about the situation and asked RHS to step in.  Ed and Mary adopted one of the male beagles immediately, and females Luka and Lotus were brought into the RHS program.  It certainly didn’t take Luka long – her new dad, Steve, was following her progress and applied as soon as she was ready.
Luka will get all the attention at home as she is her dad’s only pet.  His sister, however, has a dog and two kids (who came to the adoption) who will also be part of Luka’s life.  The adoption was a complete surprise to Steve’s niece and nephew; they only found out on the car ride to get her!  Steve is going to keep her name; he came prepared with a fancy new ID tag for her collar already engraved with “Luka”!
Luka was fostered by Gladys Fung.  Thanks for another great foster job, Gladys!
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