Major Domo Adoption

We are DELIGHTED that Major has found his new forever home with Nicki, Marty and Ethan.  Nicki is with Dallas Animal Services and is currently an information officer and helps with temperament testing, adoptions and whatever else her busy schedule has time for.   She is very comfortable with the big strong breeds including their current dog, Karma, a 75 lb. Old English Bulldog and Lazy, her beloved senior dog.  Their son, Ethan, grew up around big dogs including a Great Dane. He calls Major a “small” dog.
Karma needed another big dog to play with and Marty missed his English Bulldog, Mayhem, who passed away at the old age of 12.   The dogs are getting along very well and play, roughhouse and hang out together.  Karma, like Major, was a rescue.  She was so bald and naked from Demodex that they didn’t even know what color her fur might be.  They nursed her through it and are familiar with bully medical issues.  Major needed a big, more mature friend to show him the ropes and teach him more socialization (manners).  Karma sets the rules.  Major responds very well.  He knows he can’t push his weight around to get what he wants.
We feel this is a win-win for everyone and that Major has found his new, happy, life as part of this family.
Please raise a paw for Major Domo a/k/a Chunky Monkey.
Major Adoption Pic  2-24-2013 Marjor and Karma 1

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